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10 Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence as A Woman

By Bindu A. Chowritmootoo

Magazine Contributor

The other day, I was late meeting a client. When I arrived, I handed my keys to the valet and quickly made my way towards the front door. Halfway there, I realized I forgot to look at my face before leaving my car. I stepped to the side of the building and looked at my reflection in the glass wall. I fixed my hair, applied lipstick, and smoothed my outfit then entered the building, greeting my client with a handshake. Smiling, he told me he was impressed with how quickly I had “refreshed” for our meeting. My client was able to see everything that was happening on the outside. Fortunately, my self-confidence allowed me to find humor in the situation.

Self-confident people are at ease with themselves and they inspire confidence in others. If someone appear to have high confidence, it’s because he or she has worked to build it. A lack of self-confidence can impact your relationships, career advancement, and overall happiness.

Here are 10 ways to build your self-confidence as a woman.

1. Invest in yourself intellectually

Knowledge is power. When you increase your knowledge personally and professionally, it adds to your confidence level. Reading self-help books or publications pertaining to your profession can increase intellectual growth. Not only will this add to your self-confidence, but it will also have a positive influence on others.

2. Be comfortable in your skin

Take a moment to look in the mirror. Catch a glance of the woman staring back at you. Your skin will change. Your hair will change. Overall, your body will change. Identify ways to age gracefully. Your age should not dictate how you feel.

3. Schedule time for self-care

Confidence is built and maintained from the inside out. It’s important to carve out personal time to tend to your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Go to the spa, attend a yoga class, or take a long walk in the park. Taking time for yourself gives you the will power, patience, and energy to take care of others.

4. Choose your favorite body feature

Let’s try an exercise. Identify a favorite body feature of a close friend. Identifying your friends best feature may come easily. Now try this same exercise with yourself. If it does not come as easy, you are not alone. Identifying your favorite body feature will allow you to see your true beauty.

5. Take a selfie

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Identifying your own beauty adds significantly to your confidence level. Take time to see what others see. Do not be shy. Strike a pose and capture the moment.

6. Get out of your comfort zone

Find opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and learn something new. When you can conquer a challenge, build a new skillset, or establish a new habit, it adds to your confidence.

7. Slay the runway

You do not have to be a model to own the room or to get noticed. View every room as your own personal runway. Make eye to eye contact, smile, and trust in your ability to leave a lasting first impression.

8. Face your fears

Your fears can serve as a barrier to your personal growth. Acknowledge and face your fears. Instead of worrying about what could go wrong, focus on what could go right.

9. Celebrate your accomplishments

Acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments by writing them down at least once a year. Doing this will put your career successes into perspective. Sometimes you just need a reminder of how talented and capable you are.

10. Allow yourself to make mistakes

Try not to be so hard on yourself when you make mistakes. Learning from your missteps increases your know-how and boosts your personal growth.

Are you ready to own your self-confidence?

Rock your confidence. You are capable! You are amazing! You know it, so own it!

About Bindu

Bindu A. Chowritmootoo is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker with over 25 years of experience with Executive Management Consulting, Leadership Coaching, Business Development and Operations Management. As an entrepreneur, Bindu has successfully launched several companies as Founder and CEO/COO within the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Her servant leadership philosophy inspires her to invest in the success of others both personally and professionally. Bindu is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of a women’s empowerment company – Ignite It, LLC. The company was built on the vision to inspire, guide and empower women across the globe through the power of positivity, passion and personal growth.

Bindu is a contributing writer for City Lifestyle and Frisco Life magazine where she shares motivational lifestyles and spotlights female entrepreneurs. She is also an inspiring author of a short stories book scheduled to be published in 2021. She was featured as a “hidden gem” in Voyage Dallas Magazine in May 2020. Bindu is originally from Huntingdon Valley, PA. She is a graduate from Northeastern University and began her management career within the Medical District in Boston, Massachusetts. She has a strong interest in personal development, following key principals of Steven Covey, Tony Robbins, Patrick Lencioni, Simon Sinek, and John Maxwell.

Bindu is married with three boys and resides in Frisco, Texas. Her hobbies include local and international traveling, food and wine tasting, listening to music and Indian classical/folk dancing. Visit Bindu at

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