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Jannelle Forbes

Owner, Forbes Media Agency

As a sought-after global ambassador, recognized expert in public relations, monetization, and women’s empowerment, Jannelle shows organizations, businesses, emerging entrepreneurs, and future innovators how to shift gears and monetize their expertise by leveraging the power of their skills set to thrive in their industry. Looking for a speaker, coach or consultant that knows how to break barriers and shift you out of your stuck place? Then look no further than Jannelle M. Forbes.

Owner of Forbes Media Agency, Jannelle assists clients both large and small. She represents a variety including actors, authors, tv/film producers, motivational speakers, radio personalities, doctors, restaurants, pastors, and experts in the fields of fashion and beauty. You can catch some of her clients on OWN Network, Bounce TV, TVONE, HBO, CW, CBS, WETv, USA, TBS, Good Day ATL just to name a few. Recognized for her unswerving dedication to clients, meticulous attention to detail and an outstanding track record, Jannelle’s motto is “Finding your voice, finding who you are” #FindingPurpose.

What would you say to a business owner that is currently struggling?

To the struggling business owner, I want you to just breathe. Refocus. Re-strategize and execute. It’s okay to un-learn to re-learn. Move with the speed of time. It may be the time for you to add or subtract a product or service. It may be the time for you to enhance and shift your brand to match your industry driving in those organic sales. You’re looking at a woman that lived off of $1500 a month. Crazy right? I used to think failure wasn’t an option and all things had to be perfect. Over the years I’ve learned that it was okay to fail, and all things didn’t have to be perfect. We don’t always have to get it right the first time. Failing gives us the opportunity to do it over learning what we didn’t learn in the first place. Only this time it will be done better leaving a solid foundation for us to build wealth.

Something to think about. We were all babies at one point or another in our lives. All of us had to learn to crawl before we walk. Walk before we run. We fell on our tummy’s some of us even got bruises. But we picked ourselves up and moved. What’s your point, Jannelle? Keep moving.

This is how I speak to myself: Wake up! You cannot quit. Remember why you’re doing this.

No one’s coming to save you. Go out and create your own miracle. Build your own table. Don’t give up. Don’t punk out. Somebody is studying your survival. You never know who’s watching you and being inspired by it. Become unstoppable!

What keeps you going when things get tough in your business?

I simply ask myself a few questions.

  • Jannelle, don’t you see how far you came from where you were just 6 years ago? Look at the obstacles and challenges you’ve successfully managed to overcome. Sometimes I am in a tunnel vision mode and never take the time to just look around. Looking at how far I have come usually is what I need to get me motivated and moving again.

  • Why are you doing this? The number one reason I do what I do is for my two sons. I was 7 months pregnant with my oldest and didn’t know. By the time I found out it was time for me to be induced by the doctor. I can remember the doctor saying, “Your baby stopped breathing”. I almost lost my life, giving birth to him. Sadly, the twin didn’t make it, but he did. After losing 3 babies, 7 years later I was able to give birth to my youngest. Within 2 months I was having major contractions. I was on bed rest the entire pregnancy. But he is here today. Even if I don’t want to move, I am constantly reminded of my reason why I breathe and live to succeed in my businesses. My two young kings keep me going and pulls me through. I’m doing this for them. They are my why. So, I don’t have the time to sit back and wallow in my failures or struggles. They deserve a quality of life because God has entrusted me with them.

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