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Seeking Balance

For most of us the years 2020 and 2021 have been challenging. Some of us have even written them off, like they do not count for our birthdays and happy memorable celebrations.

You know, our frenemy Covid has made it quite clear to show us how unbalanced our lives where. It is certainly unfortunate for those who lost their lives and all who suffered by the terrible circumstances that were led by this invisible enemy. But then on a positive note, it made us literally “stand still” to understand and embrace the real meaning of life.

The meaning of focusing on the things, but also on people that really matter the most. Not the superficial. We learned the hard way to be creative, more patient and caring. To be more positive and having the faith and conviction that “het komt goed uit” - “it will be all right” as we say in Dutch.

Some of us understood and harsh reality, that the job that we thought was the big opportunity, was not as satisfying as we thought. Working 8+ long hours, giving up lunch time, constant unproductive meetings, frustrations among other things, were ultimately not what we were looking for. We wanted to be more, to be heard, to be free to let our creative juices overflow to birth new bright ideas. We wanted to explore the world of being an entrepreneur.

Lockdown paid us an unexpected visit and there we were… sitting in the corner of our room wondering how, why and when?

But then…that Aha! Moment presents itself…

That instant that you realize that your true potential has been buried for a long time and the zest to dust off that great idea that was contemplating you for a long time. And yes, it is time to take the leap of faith and start anew. Something fresh, something new. The right way!

But hey, you need a workspace, right?

This inspirational design was the perfect push for this young entrepreneur, where I helped her out to revamp a room in her condo, to create a light yet upscale-look office space.

An area where all the creativity can come to live but yet by keeping the balance of relaxing at home during a long lockdown and afterwards in the new normal.

First, she liked bling bling. So, I chose to work that wish with golden accents while balancing it with white as the neutral tone.

The space was not big, but had some interesting features, like the wall and the windows. On this particular wall I used wall panels and added a faux white painted fireplace. Here she could place her favorite magazines and decor that would stand out against the stained wood look alike wall panels. To keep it light and yet bringing a touch of bling to the nearby walls, large wall clocks were introduced. These golden framed clocks were just perfect for the space, and big enough to keep track of time. At the other end I decided to go with these 2 abstract beauties.

As I always say, there are 4 things that can improve or ruin a design… paint, curtains, flooring, lighting. To give visual interest and space, I used super white paint on the walls to reflect the clarity that comes in during the day from those big windows. But also an open framed lamp that will not shy away the light at night. For the flooring a big fluffy carpet was installed under the white and gold framed desk in combination with a grey velvet highchair. All these consciously chosen to cater the comfort and keeping the balance that we are going for.

I found this nice minimalist chest which was originally dark wood colored. I turned it into a white piece where the door handles got also a touch of golden paint love. The visitor’s chair, which was all black by the way, got also some little something.

The big windows were giving so much perfect light, that I did not want to damp that out, so these white sheers combined with the sun block white and gold patterned curtains where the perfect combination to make that wall stand out, from side to side.

This chick loves New York and looks forward to visiting again as soon as we are getting into the new normal. But in the meantime, to inspire her, I have installed two identical paintings of the Manhattan Bridge right above the chest. Finished up this whole design with white and golden decor, throw pillows, a desk lamp and some matching case books. Last but not least, I added my own Welcome Home Designs - “I Will Survive! Candle Collection” and “Wear your Crown” mug so she can always feel the citrus scent with a soft touch of breeze.

But also enjoy a cup of tea in the early mornings or just some ice cream during the hot summer days.

All by all a design to inspire to remain positive and maintain the faith regardless the circumstances. And also to keep the balance between the hectic work life and tranquility of home.

Always look for the perfect balance.

About Nadin

Nadin Benito is a well-known International Interior Designer at Welcome Home Designs, based on the beautiful island of Curacao where she has more than 20 years of design experience under her belt, as well as being a producer of her own TV series. During the illness and passing of both of her parents in less than 1 year apart, but also 3 of her close friends, Nadin founded Welcome Home Foundation - Curacao which is dedicated in designing Pro Bono for a good cause, namely for Cancer patients and Cancer survivors, who went through drastic life changes, by designing an area in their home/ location completely for free including all decorative items, to give them hope and help them gather much needed strength.

“As an Interior Designer, I had the opportunity to experience the importance of creating beautiful places at several Cancer patients’ and survivor’s homes, in order to give them hope and also to contribute to their prompt recovery after all the chemotherapy and exhaust. By experiencing the passing of my own parents, 3 close friends and other close family members due to Cancer, it gave me the ultimate push to continue with this noble work... Designing for a good cause… An area where the Cancer patients feel welcome and at peace. Cancer does not take a break. But with this noble cause, we can ensure that hope for these patients and survivors won't either…”

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