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Tonya Fairley

Multiple Salon Owner | Developer of Strandz Unlimited

As CEO and Founder of Strandz Unlimited Corp, Root Success Coaching, Strandz Unlimited Beauty Supply, and Strandz Hair Studio, I empower and equip women to get to the root, engage, and create results in their personal and professional life. Maximize their potential by removing those things that no longer serve their purpose. They learn to lead a purpose driven life. As a Certified Coach, Speaker and trainer I am always seeking to add value to others in my daily journey.

Strandz Unlimited Hydro-Curlz provides unlimited potential product/service for all curl types. Strandz products are crafted to give your curlz hydration, definition and minimized frizz all day long. Our products are made with organic watercress oil, bamboo, murumuru butter and other clean ingredients.

The most influential people in my life are my mom (Foster Mom) Gloria and my Husband, LaMont. My mother saw something in me as a kid that made her nurture my confidence. She never gave up on me despite how broken I was when she got me. My Husband wants to say “no” or “babe” stop but he understands my passion and love to help others. He understands my love of being behind the chair, coaching and speaking. He understands my love for mentoring fatherless daughters so they understand they may have been broken but they are not broke. My children are my ultimate why. I keep going so they understand no matter your circumstances if you keep your mind focused you can achieve anything.

I start my day with meditation and prayer and depending on where my schedule has me for the day will determine what business gets the priority. Prayer, prayer, and more prayer. I learned early that I must seek the wisdom of God both when the skies are clear and when the clouds are grey. Depression sets in when things aren’t going right, and no one is responsible to shift my focus but me. I have my cheerleaders, and three friends for over 25 years that I depend on, Zelda, Nancee, and Karen. No matter what I am going through one of the three will give me what I need. My sister Nina has been such a blessing to my moral psyche, my marriage, and my ability to be honest and humble to myself.

What keeps me going when things get tough in my business is knowing I have a purpose for what I am doing. I was raised in a foster home, homeless, and abused. During that time, I didn’t understand how anyone could ever believe in me. I learned no one will believe in you if you do not believe in yourself. Learning to believe in myself has allowed me to grow several 6-figure businesses and teach others to do the same.

My biggest customer success story comes from a Jewish lady who tried my hair care line and called to speak to me. She advised me with all the products that she has tried she struggled with fragrance, gluten, and silicone. My product was the first one she was able to use that did not cause an adverse reaction. It was a success because up to today she has referred 37 people and I have never met her. Our products are sulfate, silicone, paraben, and gluten free, and vegan. No artificial colors or fragrances with both organic and natural ingredients.

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