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Pasha Carter

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Pasha Carter started her career in direct sales at the age of 23. Today, she is an industry legend and one of America’s most famous and most influential direct sales leaders, ranked in the “Top 15 Female Networkers in The World” out of over 14 million women worldwide. She was voted Business Coach of The Year. When Dr. Dennis Kimbro and The Napoleon Hill Foundation interviewed 100 of America’s wealthiest African Americans for the New York Times bestseller The Wealth Choice, she was interviewed alongside Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry, TD Jakes, and other influential leaders. As a former owner of a TV network, she created a platform for entrepreneurs to have their own TV shows to expand their brands and gain even more credibility. She is currently on the Expert Panel of Forbes magazine, where she writes articles and lends her business advice to CEOs, entrepreneurs, and influencers around the world.

Steve Carter.jpg

Steve Carter

Top Sales Trainer & Network Marketing Professional

Steve is a Howard University graduate and began his business career at age 27 when things were financially at rock bottom. He went on to build a Multi-Million Dollar Networking Business,  & now has grown networks exceeding 100,000 people; which has allowed him to pursue other business ventures & investments. 


Steve now teaches and trains people around the world to have success in THEIR OWN businesses. One of the primary focuses now is teaching individuals how to master LIFE SKILLS. As a result, he’s helped thousands achieve their financial goals & change their lives.  Now, with Steve having become one of the most sought after Success Coaches today, he plans to write his first book on achieving success.

Valeria Acosta.jpg

Valeria Acosta

Executive Assistant

All things admin, systems and management for your business. Valeria holds a degree in Arts and Technology with a specialty in Design and Production; bridging the gap between systems that automate, technology that works and content that resonates.


Valeria started her business as a Project Manager while in college, helping non-profit activist and creative groups to systemize their workflows and bring in consistent funding.  She's since served and scaled 6-7 figure making businesses, helping them to pivot into the online world and better serve their client base while fostering a team-built working culture. She's a lover of all things media, music, and business.

Ceirra_1 - Copy.jpg

Ceirra Smith

Freelance Writer

Ceirra Smith is a twenty-something adventurer who grew up traversing the globe, first through the pages of books, and then in reality. She’s currently a freelance writer and ghostwriter for businesses, influencers, and several magazines including SheKnows, Essence, and Black Enterprise. Ceirra's a lover of Jamaican food, romance novels, and online shopping. When she’s not surrounding herself with words, you can find her baking cookies or exploring nature with her fur baby Sasha. Visit Ceirra on


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