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Meet The Carters


Vision for VIP Global Magazine

“We created VIP Global Magazine to provide business owners and entrepreneurs with a platform to learn, network, and shop in one place, no matter where they are in the world,” says Pasha Carter, Founder and Editor-in-Chief. “The magazine is an online support system like no other, because it shares highly sought-after advice and top-notch secrets from professionals who are giants in their industries.” 


On Friday, January 15, 2021, Steve and Pasha Carter launched VIP Global Magazine, the ultimate business resource to: 


  • Offer actionable business strategies from top entrepreneurs, trendsetters, influencers, and celebrities all over the world


  • Provide a one-stop shop for kids who want to become entrepreneurs, earn money, or gain leadership skills


  • Highlight the next generation of entrepreneurs who are making it happen but are not getting next-level recognition


“With VIP Global Magazine, we created something unique,” Pasha explains. “Instead of simply highlighting successful businessmen and women, readers get a complete guide that will take their personal and professional lives to the next level. It’s education and entertainment at its finest. Our content will empower business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve unimagined possibilities.” 


For the Carters, creating the magazine isn’t just a great solution to close a market gap; it’s personal too. The idea for the magazine evolved when the Carter’s four children started expressing an interest in entrepreneurship. 


“Steve and I often have conversations with our children regarding entrepreneurship and leadership,” Pasha states. “They’re constantly expressing their interest in owning businesses, and we thought there should be a way for aspiring business owners to learn from the best entrepreneurs in the world. I believe every child should know how to build a million-dollar business before they leave home. Steve and I, being successful entrepreneurs ourselves, and having met and partnered with so many other entrepreneurs in million-dollar businesses, thought, ‘Why not create a business media outlet to provide tips and strategies for entrepreneurs?’ In so doing we would have a platform for our children to learn exactly how to excel in their areas of interest.”


To create the magazine, the Carters began pulling together an experienced team, while contacting renowned industry experts who were willing to share their stories, expertise and business endeavors. “We were also thinking about businesses that have the potential to thrive but need connections and finances to move forward,” Pasha mentions.


Business continuity through Covid-19


Last year, the forced shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic gave the Carters the space to brainstorm potential business ideas. In addition to managing their online eCommerce businesses, they thought it was an opportune time to create the magazine. 


“The effects of COVID have given entrepreneurs who want to level up the perfect opportunity to recreate their own rules for success, just as Steve and I have done,” she says. “While these are uncertain times, a lot of people are in a period of transition, and are looking to make significant changes to set themselves up for long term success. Creating digitally based income sources gives you freedom to spend time with family, travel the world, and establish success on your own terms. As an entrepreneur your income-producing options are endless—you just need to find what works for you.”


The Carters aspire to help entrepreneurs elevate their brands and expand their companies. “I teach entrepreneurs to flip this pandemic on its head in every way possible,” says Pasha. “Instead of COVID stifling us financially, I’m empowering people to create wealth by going against what society teaches. A downturn in the economy typically produces millionaires. I’m using my knowledge, platform and connections to create more millionaires during this pandemic than ever before in history—that’s my goal.”

About the Carters

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Steve and Pasha Carter are among the most successful couples in business, with the blessing of living out their passions every day. The duo has been called one of “America’s Favorite Business Couples” in the home-based business world. Over the last 20 years, the Carters have launched, invested in, and sold dozens of products, establishing themselves as savvy and profitable business-minded moguls who create their own rules for success. With their powerful main-stage trainings and servant leadership style, Steve and Pasha built a multi-million-dollar empire and are the go-to experts for leaders who want to earn six and seven figures from their direct sales businesses.


The couple desires to help people break through the financial bondage and excuses that stop them from reaching true emotional, economic, and physical freedom. Together, they teach and train people around the world to have success in their own businesses. As a result, they have helped thousands achieve their financial goals and change their lives.


The Carters have been featured in The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires by Dr. Dennis Kimbro, magazines such as Networking Times, Success from Home, and Business from Home, as well as many other publications and radio shows. 


Learn more about Steve Carter at and Pasha Carter at

Meet The Team

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