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5 ways purging 2020 will provide Secrets for a Successful 2021

You can't take it with you when you're gone right! So why would you carry any of the negative impacts of 2020 into this new 2021 year? Let alone any prior years!

Let's face it 2020 was unlike a year most were prepared for. Stepping into the New Year with fresh resolutions is a strategy for many that fall apart naturally let alone with a pandemic on your back.

Why is it that what we desire the most, we allow the first conflict to derail the whole process?

Focusing on the negative in any situation will drop the vibration of our energy like an anchor in the water straight to the bottom. The question I often hear is, how do we avoid the repeated cycles? How do we create new successful habits?

  • Stop comparing yourself. Your situation, your life, your setbacks to anyone else's journey.

  • Complaining and being negative will not bring joy or solve any problems.

  • Focus energy where you do have a say, value and control so outside factors will not derail where you're going.

  • Get Back to the basics and find what excites you and makes you feel most joy.

  • You are enough and you matter.

Stop comparing yourself. Your situation, your life, your setbacks to anyone else's journey. Everyone you know has not and does not have the exact same blueprint step by step for their life. So therefore, how can anyone be of comparison. They cannot! Wow what a breath of relief, there is completely nobody in your first competition with you. So, let me tell you. Ready. Nobody has the same script, or user manual to what your individual journey consists of. There is no written step by step guide how to do this thing we call Life. Wouldn't it be just so much easier to lie when we buy an appliance the manual tells us how to know what's next, if not call 1-800 someone will guide you. Wouldn't that be so boring if we all were giving the user manual when our birth happened. Realize this we would still complain because the male model born 01/22/95 didn't say what to do when he wouldn't eat vegetables or go to sleep every 3 hours. You see when we compare ourselves to someone or something else, we have a preconceived expectation vs embracing the authentic model and journey that each person has been brought to earth to become. When you realize there is nothing to compare, an experience to embrace you gives yourself the permission to realize this life we live is no competition. Stop being so hard on yourself, perfect doesn't exist. Focus on the lessons you have learnt vs the disgruntled frustrations and failures. Live your journey, it's nobodies to navigate, everyone has their own.

Complaining and being negative will not bring joy or solve any problems. There are many formulations of the “law of attraction”. You may have heard “what you think about you bring about, what you focus on increases” if you have this time let's revisit. If you think about the negative outcome it's because you or someone you know had a similar experience. Hmmm what did we discuss in point 1? Comparing ourselves to another is similar to a past or others experience. This is how we easily get derailed and into negative thinking. Fear and past experiences will connect our journey to the same outcome. Why would you want to continue reliving those frustrations? I am here to remind you, the root to all the same positive results is you. The root to all the same negative results is you! If you would like a more positive experience it is necessary to change your negative preconceived thinking. Holding onto the frustrations of the past, not just 2020 will continue to bring toxicity and not bring joy to your present life or future. Take some time to release the negative energy. I often suggest to clients to write everything on paper, rip it up and safely burn it or dispose of it. Often the writing will be a mess of words and that's ok, realize that is making room for clarity and inviting positive solutions.

Focus energy where you do have a say, value and control so outside factors will ot derail where you're going. When we focus our energy on what we can control we will find joy and not be depleted. If we focus our energy on what is out of our soul's power, we will spin in circles and go nowhere. Most conversations are about the mundane topics or what is going on in society, when we focus on these topics our emotional charge is more likely to be fired right up and burn our energy out because we have no control therefore if we focus on the solutions to our own personal joy not societies problems, we are more likely to experience success. “Where energy goes, energy flows” is a saying I once heard! Ask yourself where am I spending the majority of my energy? Is it bringing me joy and value? What can I control and change to have more joy!

Lastly You are enough, and you matter! As we maneuver through this journey called life, we not only forget the basics to our joy, but we also forget that who we are unique authentic souls each and every person in life is enough and matters. What you do not matter if it is accepted openly and appreciated is enough and you matter. Your story, you voice, your hurts, your feelings, your downfalls and your success no matter how big or small is enough and matters! Life isn't about comparison and compromises and when your time's up how much, how much or how often you did or did not do something. Life isn't about taking records of if you or when you had your setbacks and beating yourself up for not having or not doing. You're not taking it with you when you're gone right, so are you willing to stop carrying what no longer serves you any longer! Derail what no longer serves you, embracing the lessons, the blessing and above all who you have been created because of all the overcoming's! Leave the negative past and prepare for the positive future you desire and truly deserve! When you truly focus on releasing the negative thoughts, ideas, beliefs and patterns, opportunities open up to create new successful habits. Purge the past and show up for you in 2021, know that you are enough just as you are, show up in our life knowing you matter!

About Amanda

Amanda Danielle is an expert in the healing industry with over 15 years of experience and 21 accumulated certifications. She thrives on empowering others to respectfully speak their truth and comfortably release emotional baggage within the mind, body, and soul.

With a competitive background, she has a passionate heart to bring awareness to others, helping them to dig deep to discover their inner peace, and to never ever give up. She mentors women to reconnect their courage and confidence, achieve goals, and permanently improve results in all areas of life. Visit Amanda at

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