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Beyond The Mic: Discover Why Common’s AND THEN WE RISE is a Must-Read

Dive into the Heart and Soul of Common with AND THEN WE RISE

In the kaleidoscopic world of arts and literature, Common’s new book, AND THEN WE RISE, shines brightly, reflecting the essence of a man whose spirit is as real as his talent. Having the unique pleasure of knowing Common personally, thanks to my husband's childhood connection with him in Chicago, I can't help but beam with pride over the incredible journey he's embarked on. As Common strides toward the prestigious EGOT status, we're not just fans; we're cheerleaders for a friend whose artistry knows no bounds.

Remembering our encounter last year in New York, where Common dazzled Broadway audiences in Between Riverside and Crazy, brings back a flood of warm memories. Yet, it was our dinner conversation that truly captured the essence of Common: a man of relaxed intensity, peace, and unwavering respect and kindness, qualities that resonate just as powerfully offstage.

AND THEN WE RISE is a delightful dive into the life of Common, filled with the wisdom, humor, and grace we've come to love. Here’s why this book is a must-have on your reading list:

1. A Masterclass in Positivity: Common's glass-half-full approach to life's rollercoaster is both refreshing and infectious. Through his stories, he teaches us to embrace the bright side, making every page a little nudge towards optimism.

2. The Art of Evolution: From the streets of Chicago to the grandeur of Broadway, Common's journey is a testament to growth and transformation. His book inspires us to welcome change with open arms and a ready heart, reminding us that it’s the journey, not the destination, that shapes us.

3. Kindness is the New Cool: If there’s one thing AND THEN WE RISE underscores, it’s that being kind and respectful is downright revolutionary. Common’s interactions, reflections, and anecdotes champion the power of treating others with dignity, making the world a little brighter one act of kindness at a time.

4. Laughter Guaranteed: Yes, Common is a thinker, but he’s also a master of wit and humor. His book is peppered with chuckle-worthy moments that ensure your reading adventure is as light-hearted as it is profound.

As we root for Common to join the ranks of EGOT greatness, AND THEN WE RISE serves not just as a book, but as an extension of his soul. It’s an open invitation to explore the depths of one of the most genuine and multifaceted artists of our time. So, grab your copy, cozy up, and get ready to rise with Common. It promises to be a journey filled with laughter, insights, and maybe a few life lessons along the way. Here’s to Common, a true beacon of light in both the world of entertainment and the pages of his book.

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