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WWE Superstar Trinity “Naomi” Fatu's surprising ways to elevate your brand.

From contestant on NXT to star of reality show Total Divas on E!, wrestling champion Trinity “Naomi” Fatu has taken the sports entertainment industry by storm. The former Orlando Magic cheerleader is proof that building a successful brand happens over time, not overnight.

“I choose the safe path, and I hated everything about traditional office jobs. I wasn’t able to express myself or be creative.” After seeing a live wrestling event in her home state of Florida, Trinity was mesmerized by the beauty, athleticism, and talent of female wrestlers. “Going to a show was an eye-opening experience. All of a sudden my purpose to entertain became clear.Research and preparation landed Trinity at independent developmental program Florida Championship Wrestling, now WWE NXT, and three years later she made her main roster debut at WWE.

Since then, Trinity won the first-ever women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania, wrestled in Saudi Arabia, and became a two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion. “It took me almost eight years get from Florida Championship Wrestling to wrestling champion.” The wife of fellow WWE Superstar Jonathan Fatu (stage name Jimmy Uso) feels most comfortable and empowered performing for stadiums full of screaming fans, but it wasn’t always this way. “I second guessed my talents and questioned my place in this industry.”

It wasn’t until she realized the impact of being a black female wrestler that she changed her thinking and started to Feel the Glow. “I made a conscious choice to stop negative self-talk and increase positivity. My uniqueness is my superpower and there is more than enough room for all of us to succeed.” Now, Trinity capitalizes on every opportunity to represent women, illustrate her culture, and expand her brand.

Gender Equality in the Industry

She and fellow WWE icons are setting a new gold standard for sports entertainment. “We have a common goal to elevate the women’s division, which is only possible when we unite and advocate for ourselves.” For decades WWE has been associated with men, but the popularity of women in sports entertainment is changing gender stereotypes. “Ladies who have come before me and those in the industry now continue to fight for high quality matches and airtime. WWE’s new era of representing women and multiple cultures has elevated our platform. Fans come to see women just as much as the men and we want the same opportunities they have.”

Trinity’s top three tips for launching a brand:

1. Trust yourself

Keep believing in your ability to learn, grow, and succeed. If you stay on your toes and push though discomfort, you’ll see that you are strong enough to accomplish everything you set out to do.

2. Don’t be afraid to reinvent

Trying something unexpected can really benefit your brand. It may not work the way you envisioned but stepping outside of your comfort zone will teach you to adapt and overcome in business and in life.

3. Limit casual social media usage

Seeking approval and validation from strangers can mess with your confidence so try not to read comments or obsess over likes and followers.

4. Embrace your uniqueness

Being a performer requires you to look a certain way, but I’m not afraid to flaunt my culture or my personality. I Feel the Glow because I’m confident in who I am. Discover who you are and be her to the fullest!

Creative Director/Fashion Styling by Chaz E. Foley & Photography by Michael Letterlough

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