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Dance with my father - One last advice…

First of all, my most sincere appreciation to all those great fathers, who work day and night to sustain their family.

I salute you!

This past year, we have gained, but also lost lots of fathers through accidents, illness, Covid-19, suicide, murder, or just their time has come to be called “Heavenly Home”.

In today’s society we claim that most men don’t assume and embrace the title of being a father. A tittle that some long to have, but due to circumstances they never had the chance to enjoy that beautiful moment in their lifetime to become a father. Some just do not know if they are ever able or even prepared enough to embark into that wonderful journey of raising a child.

Fatherhood can be complex. Yes… especially with nowadays challenges and how the society is “expecting” our fathers to raise their beloved children.

We also forget those brave fathers that for one reason or another, had to walk the path alone to raise their child or children. Maybe no female figure close enough to ignite that feminine sparkle into their lives to give it some balance.

No… unfortunately we forget that our fathers can have a pretty though life and have to man up every day for” la familia”. Yes, culture can be different at times, but the bottom line is, a true man always provides for his family and children, regardless the circumstances.

My belated father was a gentle man, some kind of casa nova who liked to flirt. Even though my mom would be looking him from the corner of her eyes, he would enjoy a conversation with a “nechi galinja” - meaning beautiful chic in my native language “Papiamentu”. Yes, my daddy was one of a kind.

He loved to dance, and every Friday and Saturday he would press his pants and shirt, with all the right cuts, take 1 hour to shape that beard and hairline, and finally dress up with half

bottle of eau de cologne “Tabacco” and hit the road to dance the night away in his two-tone shoes.

Yes, that was my daddy “Dario”… a man that enjoyed life to the most.

He thought us, the hard way, to persevere and work hard for what we believed in. He once said these wise words to me… “Be careless”!

Yes, I was also perplexed like you when I heard those words. But as time passed by and I reflected on his life and our time together, I came to understand what he really meant. Live and dance like no one is watching you. If they do, care less of what they have to say or think and live your life the way you want to!

That right there!

We tend to preoccupy ourselves in worrying what others might think of us. We base our decisions on people’s criteria. And at the end of the road, we feel a deep regret and the what ifs start lurking from the window with the views of our life. A life that would have been different if we chose to live like my daddy, caring less of what others might say or think.

Also, one lesson that I have learned from my dad, is to take care of your home. Unfortunately, he did not practice what he preached, but he left this unwritten legacy for us. To work hard to achieve your goals in life and to take care of your home.

A house that you transform into your own home for you to share memorable moments with your family and loved ones.

I remember this gentleman who was working 2 jobs in order to build his dream home for his family. He saved a good capital for a few years and when the moment was right, he called me to step in to make their house, a beautiful tastefully designed home.

Here in Curacao, most of our houses are built of solid brick from the foundation to the top and some modern houses, even the ceiling is made of concrete.

When his house had it’s roof installed, I stepped in to do my thing.

This house had to look upscale, airy, elegant, neutral and timeless. All the furniture and decor’s style had to go for at least 5 to 10 years without going out of style or worn down.

First thing that I love to do in my designs, is break down a wall. Oh yes!

This case was no different.

I wanted the wall to stand out. Plus, this particular wall was also the one mirrored to the master bedroom. So, I came to the idea of tearing it down to install a walk-in closet for the bedroom, and yet also create an interest to the eye with this accent wall that has been adorned with natural stones and super white columns to match with the chairs that I have chosen. Timeless!

With a PVC pipe built in the wall, all the wires of TV, play station etc. were hidden so that the big screen could shine on its own, with glances of the built-in mood lights that has been installed.

To bring balance to the dark wood furniture, I opted for a spacious white leather L- seater, combined with 2 stylish wide accent chairs. On the other end, facing the TV area I added another seating area for when they have visitors coming over and they could easily entertain without feeling cramped.

The decor that I used were mostly big pieces of art and vases to create that upscale look and feel. To add a kick to it, I used high plush mid-size decorative carpets on the large coffee table, but also on the dining table. It created a totally different dimension. The red pieces of art on the coffee table and the sofa console table where imperative to bring the pop of color that the room was screaming for.

The curtains had to reflect grandness. Therefore, I designed these with the outcome to elegantly cascade from ceiling to floor, yet with a flair where big antique knobs would hold each curtain just right to give a glance to the sheer that is stating its presence in a unique way.

The artistic wooden lamps were the distinct touch for balancing nature and glamour.

As I look back at the overall design, it resembles the hard work, patience and determination of a man, a father, and a provider for his beloved family.

Mrs. Maya Angelou once said… “All great achievements require time…”

So, take your time, to achieve greatness in life, regardless of what others might think or say.

About Nadin

Nadin Benito is a well-known International Interior Designer at Welcome Home Designs, based on the beautiful island of Curacao where she has more than 20 years of design experience under her belt, as well as being a producer of her own TV series. During the illness and passing of both of her parents in less than 1 year apart, but also 3 of her close friends, Nadin founded Welcome Home Foundation - Curacao which is dedicated in designing Pro Bono for a good cause, namely for Cancer patients and Cancer survivors, who went through drastic life changes, by designing an area in their home/ location completely for free including all decorative items, to give them hope and help them gather much needed strength.

“As an Interior Designer, I had the opportunity to experience the importance of creating beautiful places at several Cancer patients’ and survivor’s homes, in order to give them hope and also to contribute to their prompt recovery after all the chemotherapy and exhaust. By experiencing the passing of my own parents, 3 close friends and other close family members due to Cancer, it gave me the ultimate push to continue with this noble work... Designing for a good cause… An area where the Cancer patients feel welcome and at peace. Cancer does not take a break. But with this noble cause, we can ensure that hope for these patients and survivors won't either…”

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