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Dear Mama, thank you!

They say “Every day is special, so let each day count…” I must totally agree with that statement.

Many times, we keep a precious jewelry, dress or even food for “a special moment”, forgetting that the very next second is not guaranteed and we take those special moments for granted, until there are no more special moments to celebrate.

A classic is Mother’s Day. In my humble opinion, every day is Mother’s Day. These exceptional human beings risked their lives to bring us to this place called earth and are in our corner till the day we die. Loving us unconditionally, sacrificing and nurturing us, even when we are mature and taking our own “wise” decisions. Always there to listen to our frustrations and happy stories, while cooking our favorite meals. Yes, that’s the lady that we should be celebrating every day of our lives, our dear Mama.

To celebrate this particular day, since 4 years ago, I just go to my mom’s and dad’s resting place and lay a flower and just stare at the white cold thumb, believing that they are sleeping peacefully since their duty is done.

But to celebrate all other mothers, biological, foster, friends, aunties, nieces, colleagues, I have designed this room for you all. An inspirational bedroom for all those who want to give that special lady who we call Mommy, Mama, Mom, a nice room makeover.

When designing this room, I thought about my own belated mom, who passed away with Cancer at the privileged age of 83 years old. She was a strong, determined and yes, sometimes stubborn woman who served her community as a certified nurse on several departments. So, it also crossed my mind, all those caregivers who are working tirelessly to help and nurture all of their patients, especially those now dealing with Covid-19, Cancer and all other diseases. They sometimes risk their own wellbeing and lives, leaving their loved ones behind to be there for our loved ones. That is ultimate courage and love for their work right there! We salute you and appreciate you.

With also especially them in mind, I designed this inspirational bedroom. A calm realm where they can find their rest after long long, oh very long hours of being a superhero of their own kind for those needing the necessary care.

I wanted to use bright white as the base color for the furniture as well as for the walls. The light neutral tones amplify the area giving it a look and feel of a roomy space. It is also the perfect color to reflect the bright natural light. I preferred not to use too many decorative items, since time is valuable, and they sometimes don’t have the time to do a throughout cleaning and especially as a nurse during these circumstances.

The only big painting that I used, was to inspire relaxation of the mind and body. A resemblance of the wide seacoast with the perfect blue skies. I shopped for a plush bedding set, that offered the proper comfort whilst sleeping but also functioning as the focal point of the bedroom. I worked easily around it with matching curtains and further decor. The intention was to create privacy when opening the windows by adding blinds and valances, but also when opened, the natural light could be maneuvered to the taste.

Nothing screams comfort more than a cozy and soft throw over the bed together with the several textures of pillows. Just imagine yourself entering a room that is appealing, tastefully designed and more important… decluttered. Your mind and body need the peace and rest after long hours of being the “superhero caregiver”. And what also certainly can help with that are aromatic candles, an inspirational journal with encouraging faith-uplifting words and some wine of course.

You know… we do not really realize also how important flooring is. Remember, after walking up and down or standing the whole day on your feet, when you reach home your feet wants to feel welcomed too. Taking that part also into consideration I have opted for a high plush super white carpet. Oh, it feels so good and relaxing when coming off the bed and your feet touches that soft surface. Or just sipping on some fine wine while sitting in that cozy Chesterfield and reflecting on life. Heaven on earth! The white carpet also elevated the whole design after adding a pair of mirrored table lamps on the side tables. Mind you, I chose a different type of lamp to create a luxurious look and feel, bringing more light but also to stand out. The same goes with the side tables, something contemporary modern, simple yet stylish and clean. Again, the room needed to reflect serenity, tranquility, and freshness.

This room resamples what all of us need in our actual lives, a dose of tranquility for our body, mind and soul. A place where we find the moment to emerge into our inner selves and re-discover profound peace in order to achieve the ultimate joy.

A realm to celebrate every day’s special moments, memories and loved ones. Especially our beloved mothers… again, thank you Mama!

About Nadin

Nadin Benito is a well-known International Interior Designer at Welcome Home Designs, based on the beautiful island of Curacao where she has more than 20 years of design experience under her belt, as well as being a producer of her own TV series. During the illness and passing of both of her parents in less than 1 year apart, but also 3 of her close friends, Nadin founded Welcome Home Foundation - Curacao which is dedicated in designing Pro Bono for a good cause, namely for Cancer patients and Cancer survivors, who went through drastic life changes, by designing an area in their home/ location completely for free including all decorative items, to give them hope and help them gather much needed strength.

“As an Interior Designer, I had the opportunity to experience the importance of creating beautiful places at several Cancer patients’ and survivor’s homes, in order to give them hope and also to contribute to their prompt recovery after all the chemotherapy and exhaust. By experiencing the passing of my own parents, 3 close friends and other close family members due to Cancer, it gave me the ultimate push to continue with this noble work... Designing for a good cause… An area where the Cancer patients feel welcome and at peace. Cancer does not take a break. But with this noble cause, we can ensure that hope for these patients and survivors won't either…”

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