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Happiness Is Built Out Of Purpose, Not Perfection

Happiness isn’t having what you want. Happiness is wanting what you have.

At different times in our lives, we have found ourselves not feeling fulfilled. Then we start to question WHY? Would I be happier if I made more money? Would I be happier if I lived somewhere else? Would I be happier if I finally lost those 15 pounds I’ve been obsessing over? The short answer is NO! While all of those things are what we think we “want,” they’re not the things that bring real, genuine and lasting happiness into our lives. But those “wants” are very easy for us to label. We can wrap our heads around something tangible, an end-goal or accomplishment that will transform our lives.

These are simply short term “feels.” These are the Band-Aids in our lives. Think about it…if more money were the answer, how can wealthy people still be miserable? How is it possible for someone thin to be unhappy? Why isn’t everyone who lives in paradise (also known as Hawaii) blissfully happy?

Your happiness is built from purpose, not perfection. Let me say that again. Your happiness is built out of purpose, not perfection. So find your purpose. Stop waiting for perfection. Oh, spoiler alert… perfection doesn’t exist. We’ve all been given talents and gifts, strengths and weaknesses. The sooner you recognize these things, the sooner you can start you path to becoming the Greatest Version of You.

Your purpose in life is intertwined with your strengths. Happiness is found when your strengths, your purpose and your passion all collide. So stop working on your weaknesses. Your purpose isn’t found in deficiencies. You might be entertained for a while, even enjoy it at moments, but lasting happiness is only found in your purpose. You have greatness to offer the world. You can offer something that is unique to you, something that no one else can offer in exactly in the same way as you can.

Focus on positivity. Fix your self-talk. Push down your fears. Stop focusing on every reason NOT to and start focusing on every reason TO pursue your dreams.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to follow your purpose. All you need to do is want it. If you want it…I’ll give it to you. GO get it!!!

Hi, I'm Becky Bursell. I'm a business coach, entrepreneur, and mother. My passion is helping people recognize greatness within themselves. I show others how to become the “Greatest Version of You” by pursuing personal development, generating multiple streams of income and cultivating leadership skills.

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