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How To Work A Full Time Job and Still Build A Business On the Side

This is for all those women out there who have dreamed of owning their own businesses. Maybe you’ve taken a step further than that and have actually started. Many of you may not be coping too well with the juggle though. That’s why I am here today.

My name is Maini Homer and I’ve been in business for myself for over 23 years. When I first started out, I was working a 40-hour week and running a hands-on cleaning business five hours a night. How did I do it? Well, to be honest, I didn’t have time for anything else.

I believed I had to put in the hard yards

We’d wake at 1am and go to our first cleaning job. Then we’d arrive back home at 7am after a rigorous 5 hours of cleaning restaurants and offices. Just in time to shower, eat and head out to our day jobs.

I’d be home at 5 p.m. I’d eat, shower and head to bed immediately. These were my days and my life for around six months. Sometimes I would take time off from my day job to go prospecting for new clients. I’d leave first thing and spend the whole day dropping into businesses and offering my services. I quickly built up our income from this business from $2000 - $8000 a month. Time to quit the day job, right? Yes!

This is how I first started. I put in the hard work and the long hours and I made it happen. Many people are not prepared to do the hard yards though, and if I could go back with what I know today, I’d do it differently.

What I’d Do Differently Today

Here’s what I’d do this time around. We bought a franchise which guaranteed us income of $2000 a month for 24 months. This was back in 1997, so really income wise, we were okay. What I’d do differently is, I would outsource the cleaning contracts. I would have hired two cleaners, and these people would have done the five hours a night. I would have dropped to part time in my day job so I could prospect new clients two days a week.

Of course, having that income guarantee meant I could have done this easily. Many people starting out don’t have the luxury of this though. So, what do you do if you are in your day job, but you really want to create your own thing? Well one of two things, really.

You either take the plunge and go head first into it - come what may, or you sit down and work out a plan of action. This plan of action would be a step-by-step guide to how this could all play out. It could involve such things as:

  1. Finding your passion

  2. Discovering your target market

  3. Researching competition to find a gap in the market

  4. Deciding what you can do and what you’d outsource

  5. And the cost of it all to start.

Once you had this idea, you could then start taking action and making it all happen. If you are just starting out and it’s your first time going into business, a great place to start would be my #1 International best selling book, Lockdown Took My Income. The book is actually a 9-step blueprint that will help you work out exactly what it is you want to do and will help you make a plan to action it.

The Biggest Challenge Many Face Today

One of the biggest challenges faced by many of my clients these days is finding time to do their social media. This is why many of them choose to outsource this work. Coming up with the content, creating the content and posting it can take hours of your time.

The fact is though, that these days, you have to do this work. There are so many others out there today competing for your market, that it’s important you are seen and heard. If you are not posting consistently and sending out the same message constantly, there is little chance you’ll succeed. Your potential clients need to get to know you, so that they like you and trust you. This is a must before they are going to do business with you.

Outsourcing this work means you can focus on the “high paying activities.” These are the activities such as turning those nice hot potential prospects coming in from all of your consistent social media posts into paying customers, allowing you to leave your day job and be your own boss!

That’s the secret right there, sister. Outsource your social media so that you are seen as the expert in your industry. Your potential clients will get to know you, like you and trust you. That’s when they’ll buy from you.

So, if this is ringing true with you and you know that it’s time to outsource this work then reach out. Choose someone who is reliable, has a good reputation and who is acing their own social media and blog posting. Follow in their footsteps and use their services and then you’ll be on the right track to succeeding.

About Maini

Founder & CEO of Copywriters International

Maini Homer is an entrepreneur and mastermind businesswoman living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Maini has been in business for herself for over 23 years and has created 13 successful businesses from scratch. Recently, she also became a #1 international bestselling author in three categories and countries as well. Visit Maini at

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