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It Matters Not How You Start... But How You Finish! Never Give Up!

What was life like growing up for you? What kind of family did you grow up in?

I grew up with humble beginnings. Life was simple and easy. Growing up on a farm in the sticks of Mississippi was simple and easy. Today when I look back over my life the things I thought were hard were really simple. We had to wake up early to attend the farm. However, the one thing I ran from is the very thing we need today. We need to learn how to grow our own food. It's amazing how this younger generation is gravity back to that very lifestyle. After graduating college I could not wait to get to the city.

My parents were hard workers and they believed in education. My mother was an Educator . She taught 4th-6th graders science. That's why I created The Rosie Lee Perteet Stem Scholarship fund on her behalf. I grow up with a lot of love from my parents, grand parents and aunts.

How old were you when you knew this was your calling and what you were going to do for the rest of your life?

At the tender age of six I knew that teaching and preaching was part of my destiny. As a child you would find my dolls lined up as I was teaching and preaching . What's interesting is that i never saw women preaching but yet i was as a child. The church I attended growing up did not believe in women preachers but yet God called me for such a time as this.

Were you a dreamer growing up? What kinds of dreams did you have?

I dreamed all the time and I always wanted to opens school. I must say today that my dream has come true. I'm blessed to be the founder of three schools to empower man kind. My father would always say that I had a Big Mind. I was always dreaming about exploring the world. Living in a big home and helping others. My mother would tell me Jackie, you can be whatever you want. Just believe and prepare .

Dont give upon your dreams! You shall reap if you Dont faint! Never give up!

Three global schools under one founder are leading entities in entrepreneurship education.

June 23, 2022: Duluth, GA – Dr. Jacqueline Mohair, the founder of T.I.U.A has three schools, including the Trinity International University of Ambassadors Corp. Pensacola, FL, T.I.U.A. School of Business, and the Trinity Chaplaincy Institute, both of Duluth, GA. These three schools represent Dr. Mohair's commitment to providing quality education and training, support, and resources to its students. Dr. Mohair founded all three of these educational entities to meet the needs of its students and communities globally.

On June 4, 2022, the T.I.U.A. School of Business Entrepreneurship Program launched and welcomed into its ranks renowned motivational speaker Les Brown, award-winning talk show host and best-selling author Forbes Riley, and sought-after motivational speaker Delatorro McNeal.

"The School of Entrepreneurship Program is an important step for T.I.U.A., as it evolves and provides innovative programs to meet the needs of students and communities worldwide," Mohair says. "We envision a substantially positive impact, as it will further cement the T.I.U.A. reputation as a leader in the field of entrepreneurship education and increase the school's ability to engage with businesses, in terms of relationships, collaboration, and resources."

We are super excited to partner with VIP Global to.enhance and up lift the next generation of entrepreneurs! The best is yet to come.

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