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Leaving Their Marks On the World

Amazing Women to Watch in the Magazine World

Dr. Pasha Carter

Founder & Editor-in-Chief, VIP Global Magazine

“It’s my pleasure to introduce six powerful women in the business of publishing magazines with content that informs, inspires, and entertains. These change-makers are motivating and equipping others to rise above their fears and leave their marks on the world. Follow these amazing women on social media. Celebrate them. Stand with them. We collaborate, not compete, while setting an example for the next generation of female entrepreneurs.”

Find and Forge Your Own Path with Dr. Jessica Mosley

Steward-Owner of MizCEO Magazine

“One piece of advice that I would give to a woman that is in business is to let business be business! Always conduct business on the highest level of integrity! Put people in contracts and when appropriate, an NDA.”

Dr. Jessica Mosley is a serial entrepreneur with no plans to stop any time soon. A talented and dedicated media professional, Jessica, has more than decade plus of experience helping organizations communicate more effectively. She has developed strategic communications plans, garnered extensive media coverage, produced marketing materials, coordinated special events, and a host of other communications activities. She is regularly invited to speak to female business owners and industry leaders on a variety of topics, including the business benefits of social networking, how to effectively run a successful business, and strategic management of communications activities.

Her background as a VP in banking, extensive knowledge in health care and municipal environments brings a well-rounded perspective to her work with her entrepreneurial clients and organizations. Her clients have been featured in multiple media affiliates such as Huffington Post, Sheen Magazine, and Forbes, Essence, Black Enterprise,, Beautifully Said, Rolling Out Magazine, Good Day Charlotte, MSNBC, FOX, People, Source, Yahoo Finance, just to name a few.

She has interviewed authors, celebrities, and high achieving men and women from all around the world. Jessica is also the Steward-Owner of the MizCEO Entrepreneurial Media Brand, Sovereign Care Home Care, Sovereign Care Home Medical Transportation, and Sovereign Care Medical Training Center. She is also Steward Owner of Deborah’s Place for Battered women, children, and nonviolent ex-offenders.

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Face your Giants with Dr. Shekina Farr Moore

Chief Executive Officer, Formidable Woman ®

“To run your business like a business, you will need a supporting cast—an A-Team. A chartered professional accountant, a publicist, a social media manager, an attorney, a bank business consultant, an insurance agent, and assistants. In my line of work, I also have writers, stylists, photographers, board members, webmasters, and coaches. Your supporting cast is key as they help to keep you focused on your main thing—working on your business. I learned from many failures that I am only as strong as my team. So, fire fast and hire slow so that you can work with those who are truly about this life.”

I run Formidable Woman®, an international confidence and women's empowerment brand whose mission is to champion confidence in women. Our ideal client is the woman who looks great on paper but who hasn’t yet accepted her greatness. She needs an usher like I did. What sets us apart is our holistic approach to building and equipping women with confidence. Confidence is such a key factor in personal, social, emotional, and professional development. It literally transcends all areas of our lives and can make or break both our success and access. With this in mind, we have built and continue to offer products, tools, courses, and services that build this confidence in women—Business, Image, Mindset, Finances, Relationships, Health, Education.

Having been a woman who has struggled with confidence, my journey to gaining it made me want to see every woman experience it. It completely alters how we show up in the world. It opens doors and rolls out carpets. I moved to Atlanta with a 9-month-old baby on a wing and a prayer. I was unhappy, overweight, had lost friends, and was overwhelmed with feelings of failure. Five years later I was named among Atlanta’s Power 25 and lauded by the Mayor, Georgia House of Representatives and President Barack Obama. I became a Formidable Woman® by simply making a decision. I share this story not to brag, but to echo to anyone in similar circumstances that you are one decision away from a 180-degree turn-around.

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Create Your Seat at the Table with Dr. Ashley Little

Chief Executive Officer/Founder Ashley Little Enterprises, LLC

“There is power in networking and collaborating. Please get rid of the scarcity mentality and understand ‘We Can All Win’ at the end of the day.”

Dr. Ashley Little is the CEO/Founder of Ashley Little Enterprises, LLC which encompasses her Media, Consulting Work, Writing, Ghost Writing, Book Publishing, Book Coaching, Project Management, Magazine, Public Relations & Marketing, and Empowerment Speaking. In addition, she is an Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur, TV/Radio Host, International Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Media Maven, Journalist, Writer, Host, Philanthropist, Business Coach, Investor, Advisor for She Wins Society and 12X Best Selling Author. As seen on Black Enterprise, Sheen Magazine (Print and Online), Voyage ATL, Fox Soul TV, NBC, Fox, CBS, BlackNews.Com, Vocal, Medium, Hustle and Soul, and many more.

She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, and a member of Alpha Phi Omega. She is very involved in her community, organizations, and non-profits. Currently, she is the Co-Founder of Sweetheart Scholars Non-profit Organization 501 (c) (3) along with three other powerful women. This scholarship is given out annually to African American females from her hometown of Wadesboro, North Carolina who are attending college to help with their expenses. Dr. Little believes it takes a village to raise a child and to never forget where you come from. She is a strong believer in giving back to her community and knows our young ladies need vision, direction, and strong mentorship.