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Push Your Limits and Stand In Your Purpose

Senada Greca's guide to strength inside and out

We are living the indoor life, so now more than ever we need to stay physically and mentally fit. In light of that, we are excited to share our interview with Senada Greca, celebrity trainer and fitness influencer. “Fitness for me is daily therapy,” Greca says. “It goes beyond short term challenges, New Year’s resolutions and bikini season! It’s an integral part of my life that has truly transformed me from the outside in.”

Health and fitness helped Greca to find her purpose, and now she owns a fitness business. However, she is quick to tell you that there were no shortcuts—that building a business is mostly about dedication and hard work. Whether it’s filming Instagram workouts for her 2.3 million followers, sharing tips to live a healthy lifestyle, or coming up with nutritious meals, this fitness expert always brings her A-game.

How did you get started in the Health and Fitness industry?

After graduating from college, I started working long hours in the finance world in New York City while also completing a master’s degree. After a few years, I started searching for something more fulfilling and shifted to the medical industry. Unfortunately, I still felt trapped in a corporate world where work truly felt like work. What didn’t feel like a chore was movement—of any shape or form.

I had known for a long time that my calling was to help others, to be of service. Knowing what movement had done for me, physically and mentally, I connected the dots. I realized that I could help others on a large scale do the same. While my MBA would eventually help in the business aspect of things, my drive, my passion, and my innate ability to connect with movement and help others do the same, were my springboard. I acquired the necessary accreditation for fitness, movement and yoga, but what was the most helpful and distinguishing factor was my hunger for information and experience, in not just moving properly but also moving mindfully. As stated in yogic teachings, and what is applicable in most scenarios, it is 99% practice and 1% theory. I am constantly learning from gurus, working to put teaching into practice, and listening closely to my body. Equipped with all of this knowledge and experience, I decided to start sharing my full daily workouts on Instagram, in the hope of helping anyone and everyone that would come across my page. This brought about tremendous growth as people saw the value in what I was providing, absolutely free of charge.

While my Instagram workouts provided a good starting point for the experienced user, I realized that I could provide a lot more direction and a more personal experience. This gave life to my online fitness business, which I started while still working full-time. Currently, I am able to focus 100% of my attention on growing Crush It Programs, which not only include customized programs for various levels of fitness all based on my workout philosophy, but also meal plans created in collaboration with certified nutritionists. Anyone who wants access to an enormous library of workouts can just follow me on Instagram.

What inspired your passion for fitness?

Movement has always been my therapy, even as a child growing up in communist Albania. After moving to the US as a teenager, sports was how I found friends. As an adult I have come to understand the powerful connection between fitness and peace of mind. Over the past couple of years, I have been exploring these connections, with trips to India to train with yogis and to Peru to learn from plant medicine under shamans. My personal experience has been so positive that it drives me to want to help others.

Today, I find a lot of inspiration from members of the Crush It Crew. Seeing how people’s whole attitude can change when they commit to living a healthier lifestyle brings tears to my eyes. While the external transformation can be impressive, it is the look in their eyes and the smiles that emanate from their souls that really gets me.

What was your vision when you started, and how has it evolved?

Like many people, I have battled low self-esteem, low self-confidence and other demons. Early on I was lucky enough to have help finding my way. I wanted to return that favor and help others find their path to fitness. Any day that I can inspire and guide others to make healthier choices through nutrition and exercise, and that I can help them tap into their potential and love of life, that’s a good day for me.

That being said, what has been surprising to me is the ways in which fitness can provide social connections, which is particularly important during the COVID-19 crisis. Connecting and sharing with others, even if it’s on Instagram, Facebook, or video conference, has been a lifeline for a lot of people, including me.

Tell us about the fitness regimen and nutrition plan that you are currently using to stay in shape.

For me, daily movement is about connecting with my body, quieting my mind, and being present. I like to wake up at 5:45 a.m., drink a bunch of water, and get right to working out. I focus on strength training because it is where I find I can get the most rewards both physically and mentally. I move every day, with one day a week being a day of active rest like hiking or going for a bike ride. After my workout, I grab some coffee and head outside to walk my dog. I also use this time to focus on gratitude.

For nourishment, I tend to eat pretty clean. Breakfast usually includes eggs or oatmeal with a lot of protein. Lunch is also lean proteins like chicken, turkey or fish, and some veggies. I find if I prepare my lunch ahead of time, I tend to eat better. My partner and I enjoy cooking dinner together.

What is the best way for someone to stay motivated and consistent with a workout schedule?

Start small and build. Focus on one day at a time and don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow. Make movement a habit. Look at your schedule and carve out time each day to be active, then commit to making it happen. One day becomes two, two becomes three, then a habit is formed, like brushing your teeth.

Novelty is also really important. While there is great value in repetition and mastering specific movements, muscles need guessing games too. Our bodies are amazing and can quickly adapt, but when we adapt, what was once a challenge is now easier. I like to make small changes to basic movements—even a percent change in the angle of a leg lift. This adjustment creates a completely new exercise for the muscles and the mind.