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Surviving Cancer through Interior Design

After a long road of doctor’s appointments, screenings, and checkups, you finally get home and just want to rest… A moment to let it all sink in… “I have been diagnosed with Cancer! Now what?”

As an Interior Designer, I continuously experience the importance of creating beautiful places at several Cancer patients’ and survivor’s homes, in order to give them hope and also to contribute to their prompt recovery after all the chemotherapy, exhaust and uncertainty.

I have experienced the passing of my own parents, 3 close friends and other close family members due to Cancer in a very short time. And that gave me the ultimate push to continue with this noble work... Designing Pro Bono for a good cause for Cancer patients and survivors. An area where the Cancer patient feels welcome and at peace.

But you know… let’s turn the table. Sometimes as the person who walks the walk with the Cancer patient, you sometimes feel drained and exhausted as well. Nevertheless, you have to stay strong and hold it all together for them, because they need you. But how about you? You need help yourself, right? You need a helping hand to rescue the Cancer patient and yourself as the caretaker.

Mind you… sometimes you barely have time to do the dishes, do the laundry or even sip on a glass of wine while relaxing. From the moment that you step in as that one person to help, to bear, to sustain that Cancer patient, either it is your family member, your friend, partner or maybe even your colleague or neighbor… you unconsciously decide to put your whole life on hold. But the question is… for how long?

And then after all that exhaust of the day by day caring, crying, and holding up for them and yourself, you just need a quiet moment to get your senses and strength together. A place to call your own.

And there I come to the rescue. The Interior Designer in shining ideas that danced the same tunes, as you might be dancing now… the sad song of Cancer.

But now I will encourage you through design, by revamping that room with all new in the tones and taste of your liking. It is important! Because after that long walk, you need a peaceful and tasteful realm to rest your body, mind, and soul.

Interior Design is imperative in healthcare. Not necessarily flashy and luxurious. But a big yes to tasteful, relaxing, welcoming… like Welcome Home!

For this client in particular, that has been through drastic life changes of losing her job and a steep downfall in her finances, she needed a place to recover from Cancer and from the harsh realities that life hit her with.

During my visit and after taking note of the peachy wall colors, I choose white as neutral color for the overall design to bring balance and peace. It’s a 4 by 4 square meters’ room, so I wanted to keep it bright and simple by using metallic decor and white upholstered furniture, with a touch of class. In remembrance to her happy youth, different tones of pink have been infused to spark that inner joy that has been tucked away by the circumstances.

Some fuchsia faux flowers in a vintage watering can serves to brighten up the day but also knowing that the flowers will stay bloomed all year round. See… a fresh and clean aroma of candles or essence sticks in a room tickles the senses of positivism in order to refresh the mind and soul.

Little details as sun and noise blocking curtains certainly helps for a peaceful night’s sleep after a long day of exhaust. An undisturbed 7 to 8 hours sleep improves your health and boosts your energy level. That is why we chose a splendid memory mattress. I recommend investing in good bedding as well as cushions. Your peace starts in your bedroom and on your bed.

You know… inspiring words can be said, heard but also read. And this lady needed some paintings with positive affirmations to hold her together as much as possible. As they say… words can break or build. And we are here to build.

Through this journey, all decors have been carefully chosen to accomplish an enchanting and tranquil realm. Because it is not a conventional regular design… the main goal was to help in the healing and restoration of this courageous caretaker through Interior Design.

Because Cancer does not take a break…

But with this delightful design for this brave caretaker, I have made sure that hope for her and other Cancer patients and survivors won't either…”

About Nadin

Nadin Benito is a well-known International Interior Designer at Welcome Home Designs, based on the beautiful island of Curacao where she has more than 20 years of design experience under her belt, as well as being a producer of her own TV series. During the illness and passing of both of her parents in less than 1 year apart, but also 3 of her close friends, Nadin founded Welcome Home Foundation - Curacao which is dedicated in designing Pro Bono for a good cause, namely for Cancer patients and Cancer survivors, who went through drastic life changes, by designing an area in their home/ location completely for free including all decorative items, to give them hope and help them gather much needed strength.