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Who Is This Influential Woman? Breaking the Code to Empowerment: Esther Wildenberg's Journey

Esther Wildenberg, Co-Founder & President of Codebreaker Technologies, has made significant strides in fostering human connections through the innovative B.A.N.K.™ methodology. Alongside her wife and CEO, Cheri Tree, Wildenberg has expanded the application of this method from boosting sales by up to 300% to enriching various aspects of human relationships, including education and parenting. Their guiding principle, "Make People Matter," drives their mission to make a positive impact worldwide.

The launch of their Foundation, with the initiative "Make Kids Matter," in January was a significant step towards this mission. This program aims to provide their transformative tools and training to educational and non-profit organizations, matching each purchase with a donation to those who are molding the future.

In addition to her work with Codebreaker Technologies, Wildenberg has made a name for herself in the realm of personal and professional development. She has successfully hosted over 70 retreats and masterminds globally. Her latest endeavor, the ICONIC X mastermind program, targets women entrepreneurs with significant incomes, focusing on mentoring in the eight forms of wealth and offering unique travel experiences to inspire and create a lasting impact.

Wildenberg's journey is marked by overcoming personal challenges, transforming them into opportunities for growth. A severe accident at 23 and the journey of recovery taught her the importance of resilience and living with purpose. Becoming a mother at 46 brought about a profound personal transformation, challenging her to balance her professional identity with her new role without guilt.

One of Wildenberg's most cherished career milestones was her transition from dentistry to becoming a CEO at 33, leading a large firm. This experience was crucial in revealing her entrepreneurial talents and solidifying her commitment to never return to conventional employment.

Wildenberg is committed to supporting other women in their growth and success. Engaging mentors like Robin Sharma and maintaining a rigorous self-improvement regime, including reading a book a week, she shares her knowledge and experiences through various platforms. Her goal is to empower women to realize their potential and pursue their unique paths.

Esther Wildenberg's work exemplifies strong leadership, resilience, and a commitment to making a difference. Through her innovative approaches and dedication to empowering others, Wildenberg is not just achieving her goals but is also inspiring others to pursue theirs, emphasizing the importance of every individual and their contributions to the world.

Instagram: @esther_wildenberg



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