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Celebrities with Big Time Businesses

They’ve sold out arenas, starred in binge-worthy shows, and become household names—but did you know they have their own businesses? Our featured female celeb-preneurs are in the entrepreneurial sphere and their companies are raking in some serious coin! Their companies cater to wellness, beauty, home décor, and more! Zoe Saldana BESE Promoting positive Latino stories Actress Zoe Saldana was on a mission to promote positive Latino stories when she created digital platform, BESE. Lack of positive representation for multicultural individuals, like her three sons, motivated Zoe to launch a medium that recognizes and empowers communities that have previously been excluded from mainstream media. Instead of complaining from the sidelines, the star of Avatar chose to create a business with that purpose. BESE celebrates multi-cultural identities and provides a space for young people to engage and generate conversation. Since launching BESE, Zoe has continued to champion the importance of self-acceptance among multicultural Latinos and amplify the untold stories that reflect today’s wide range of American cultures. Click & Visit Carrie Underwood CALIA Fitness apparel and accessories Country superstar Carrie Underwood’s fitness apparel CALIA features activewear, swimwear, and everyday accessories for women who are always on the move. Designed for those who never want to sacrifice fashion for function, pieces of CALIA have bold prints, versatile silhouettes, and soft fabrics to keep women comfortable and confident all day long. As if that weren’t impressive enough, Carrie also created Fit52 to help men and women find their paths to fitness and self-love. Every Fit52 workout is uniquely challenging, yet adaptable to the demands of busy lives. To start, simply download the app and choose a ‘Path’ based on your personal goals. Fit52 and CALIA were created by Carrie to empower women inside and out! Visit CALIA by Carrie Underwood Karrueche Tran Kae by Karrueche Jewelry Collections Karrueche Tran, best known for her role as Virginia Loc on TNT’s hit series Claws , launched Kae by Karrueche jewelry in the fall of 2020. Inspired by the 90s and love for her hometown, Los Angeles, the debut collection Goldmine featured thick gold chains, door knocker earrings, and small shell hoops. The model/actress followed up with three other collections Jade , Hoops , and Chainz —because a girl can never have too much jewelry. Kae by Karrueche has beautifully detailed, classic pieces that compliment any outfit. While majority of the collection is gold, Karrueche includes silver options for the most popular earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. This collection was launched with the intention of inspiring women of all ages to feel their most confident selves and it does just that. Visit Kae by Karrueche
Priyanka Chopra Jonas Anomaly High-quality products for all hair types
Former Miss World and now hair-care founder Priyanka Chopra Jonas dropped Anomaly, a line of high-quality products for all hair types, earlier this year. At just $6 per product, Anomaly bridges the gap between affordability and sustainability, plus it gives your hair the TLC it deserves. So how does her product stand out from the rest? Anomaly’s formulas are vegan, and all bottles are made from 100% plastic trash. The actress and producer’s unconventional haircare line is quickly becoming a favorite for women all over the world. But she didn’t stop there. Priyanka released New York Times Best Selling Memoir Unfinished , which chronicles important moments in her dual-continent life and career through a collection of stories and essays. She also opened Indian fusion restaurant SONA, in New York, New York. Priyanka may be new to entrepreneurship, but she’s no stranger to working for what she wants until she gets it. Visit Anomaly Haircare Tia Mowry Anser A new line of vitamins Tia Mowry is an advocate for healthy living and she’s teaching women (and men) how to care for themselves and their children using natural supplements that target wellness, restful sleep, and body restoration. Tia believes that we are the answer to our own well-being, so she partnered with BioSchwartz and UTA to create a new line of vitamins: Anser. Containing over a dozen essential vitamins and minerals we may be missing in our daily diet, Anser products help with immune support, weight and digestion, beauty, mood, and sleep. As if the Cooking Channel alum wasn’t busy enough, Tia recently announced her second cookbook The Quick Fix Kitchen, as well as Spice by Tia Mowry which will include barware, coffee, tea, hydration, and outdoor items. Visit ShopAnser!
Issa Rae Sienna Naturals Natural haircare products Insecure creator and star Issa Rae co-owns natural haircare product Sienna Naturals, which is formulated by women with textured hair for women with textured hair. With the mission to create a clean haircare regimen, Issa and Hannah Diop launched a stream of products that are good for you and the planet. Sienna Naturals is all about hair and scalp health. Issa Rae believes the more natural hair is showcased and celebrated in the media, the better it will be to teach hair-love and hair-acceptance. The Lovebirds star, who recently inked a five-year contract with WarnerMedia (HBO, HBO Max, and Warner Brothers), hopes Sienna Naturals will empower women with textured hair to love their curls and feel confident that the products they use are good for their hair, scalp, and body.
Visit Sienna Naturals
Jordyn Woods FRSTPLACE Workout and weekly meal prep Throughout her journey of fitness and self-love, Jordyn Woods shared parts of her workout and weekly meal prep on social media. Soon after, many of her 11.8 million Instagram followers began requesting her workout regimen, leading to the launch of FrstPlace. Workout programs, which can be completed in the gym or in the comforts of your own home, are complete with nutrition guides and fitness videos to inspire users to continue putting themselves first! Jordyn credits fitness for changing her life and wants to help change the lives of others. Each 12-week guide is designed to help users familiarize themselves with exercises over 4-week blocks, before introducing new and progressively challenging exercises and routines. The reality star used quarantine to her advantage by creating FrstPlace Challenge, where members of the fitness community used their FrstPlace guides to hold each other accountable, then share and celebrate their progress. Becoming the best version of you is challenging; with FrstPlace you’ll have encouragement and accountability every step of the way. Visit FRSTPLACE Ayesha Curry Sweet July A lifestyle magazine Who says women can’t have it all? Model and Food Network star Ayesha Curry is proving to be a successful, multidimensional businesswoman. Alongside Chef Michael Mina, the Cover Girl opened San Francisco restaurant International Smoke and had immediate success. The immense popularity would lead to two more locations, one in Las Vegas, Nevada and the other in San Diego, California. The mommy-blogger uses Ayesha Curry Cookware to showcase delicious meals on Instagram that can also be found on the pages of New York Times best-selling cookbooks The Seasoned Life and The Full Plate . Ayesha also co-owns Domaine Curry Wine with her sister-in-law Sydel Curry, and recently launched lifestyle magazine Sweet July . Whew! Talk about having a full plate! Sweet July

Celebrities with Big Time Businesses
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