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Anais and Mirabelle Lee are making waves in the entertainment industry.

Could they be the next set of twins to take Hollywood by storm?

Recently, we had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the delightful twin actresses, Anais and Mirabelle Lee. Can we just say wow? It was double everything—double cuteness, double impact, and double inspiration from this dynamic duo.

Anais and Mirabelle have been pursuing careers in modeling, acting, and dancing for almost 10 years. They are well-known in the entertainment industry for their commitment to their crafts, naturally showcasing their abilities. These fashionistas are making waves, having walked runways for big names in fashion. They have appeared in several movies and TV shows and acted alongside several A-list celebrities.

Currently, Anais is in the cast of The Babysitters Club, portraying the iconic role of Jessi Ramsey. “It’s the role of a lifetime,” Anais states. “I relate to Jessi because she is a ballet dancer and Mirabelle and I both have been training in ballet since we were 2 years old.” The TV show has recently been renewed for a second season so Anais will soon be traveling to film.

Mirabelle played the role of Moriah in the movie Slapface, which is set to be released next year. “Playing Moriah was an amazing experience. I made the best friendships with the other actors on set and the cast and crew were really like family,” Mirabelle reveals. “Also, I’m super excited about my voiceover show; I can’t wait to tell everyone about it.”

Despite their jam-packed schedule, Anais and Mirabelle are successful students with excellent grades. They are not only brilliant, but they are skillful conversationalists. During our interview they were composed, articulate, and bristling with confidence. Anais and Mirabelle are taking center stage and making a big impact at a young age. Read on to learn more about these unique trailblazers.

How did you get your start in the modeling and film industries?

We got started in the industry when we were 3 years old. We started out as print models, but we got our start by “accident.” We were in the park with our babysitter one day when a photographer came up to her and asked if we wanted to do a photoshoot for the kids’ clothing brand, Llum. Our babysitter gave his card to our mom and after doing some research, we decided to go for it. After the photoshoot, we realized we loved being in front of the camera. Our mom sent out our photos to the top modeling agencies in New York City and they all responded with a “yes!” That led to commercial acting and well, here we are now!

Who are some of the actors that you have worked with?

We worked with Zoe Saldana in the movie Blood Ties. Not only did she play our mom in the movie, but in a way, she acted as our mom off-screen as well. It was amazing to work with her. Anais has also worked with Yara Shahidi in The Sun is Also a Star. Yara is beautiful and inspirational.

Tell us about one of your favorite modeling experiences.

One of our favorites was when we were flown to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, two separate times to shoot for Club Med. It was so much fun! It was like a working vacation at a beautiful resort!

What are the highlights of your careers so far?

One of the biggest highlights was performing together on Nickelodeon’s Lip Sync Battle Shorties, twin episode, and winning the iced-out mic. It was fun performing in front of a live studio audience. Our grandmother even traveled all the way from England to watch the live show! Also, we were definitely happy to be in the cast of the Netflix series The Babysitters Club and the feature film Slapface.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned since being in the modeling and film industries?

The most important lesson we have learned in this industry is that everything happens for a reason. You may get super close to a role you really want, but then end up not getting it. But our mom told us that even if we may not understand why it happened, everything happens for a reason. Although we may not have gotten that particular role, the fact we did not, teaches us a lesson that we will need in the future. So, we stick it out, stay positive, and keep the faith.

What advice would you give to other young girls who want to do modeling or acting?

We would say never give up. You will get many no’s in this business and it can be hard at times, but you just have to keep pushing, because it’s that “yes” that makes it all worth it.

How do you balance it all - school, modeling, dancing, and acting?

It can be hard at times, but we make it work. When we are on set, there is a set teacher, and we are required to do a certain number of hours of school. School has always been our top priority and we always have straight A’s and the occasional B.

Tell us about a place you visited and loved.

We loved our visit to Jamaica. It is one of our favorite places to travel to and we always have the best time there. It is such a beautiful place!

Do you like reading? Who do you read? Have you thought about writing books?

We love reading! The books we are reading right now are of course the Jessi books in The Babysitters Club series, and also the T’witches book series. We have been obsessed with the movies ever since we were little and just recently found out they are based on a book series. Our favorite author at the moment is Brandy Colbert so we are always reading one of her books. As of right now, we are not planning on writing a book, but possibly in the future.

Are you involved in any community outreach programs or charities?

For the past several years, we have worked with a charity called the Black Cotton Foundation that helps less fortunate children. This foundation raises money for programs and events to benefit poor and working-class children in New York and New Jersey. It gives the children an opportunity to go to baseball games, shows, fun events, and provides them with clothing and supplies they may need. Through the Black Cotton Foundation, we also donate to the Wynona House, which protects abused and exploited children.

Every year, we have a large birthday party where we collect new clothes, new toys, and school supplies (in lieu of birthday gifts) to donate to the children. One year, we sponsored a big fashion show in New York City and invited our celebrity models and actor friends to walk in the show to raise money for the foundation. In 2016, we won the Jasmina Anema Youth Award for our contributions to this charity and were recognized and given an award by the Newark, NJ City Council for our charity work in Newark.

We would love to connect with a charity in Los Angeles and continue our charity work on the West Coast. So, Los Angeles charities–call us!

You have a huge following on social media. How are you using your platform to inspire change?

We are using our platform to inspire change by spreading awareness. In this recent election, we were constantly encouraging our followers to vote! And if they themselves couldn’t vote, we urged them to tell their parents to vote. We are always speaking up about movements that are important to us. We strongly believe in equality and human rights for all.

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