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From Pre-teen to Beauty Boss: How Lexi Proctor Changed her life with one boss move

Founder of the incredibly successful haircare line Curlanistas, Lexi Proctor is changing the way curly girls worldwide view their voluminous locks. In just a few years, she has catapulted her company into the stratosphere and mentored millions of Curlanistas on the importance of self-love.

“You don’t have to change any part of yourself to be accepted. Curly girls set trends, we have our own style,” says Proctor. “It’s my mission to provide girls with tools to build self-esteem and rock their curls with confidence.”

Author, Entrepreneur, & Curl Activist

Lexi Proctor sells Curlanistas products online and on the shelves of retail giant Sally Beauty. Most recently, she launched a series of 100% virgin human hair drawstring ponytails of various textures. This beauty-preneur, however, wasn’t always a fan of her curly mane. In grade school, Lexi was teased because of the texture and volume of her hair. “Classmates would say rude things and call me broccoli head. Hearing negative words day after day hurt my feelings and made me resent my curls.” Luckily, Lexi’s mom encouraged her to keep rocking her big, bold curls—and she did.

Throughout her journey to self-acceptance inside and out, Lexi wrote affirmations and positive comments about her appearance in a notebook. Soon after, she realized how much impact positive words had on her self-esteem and began writing her interactive children’s books Curly Girls Love Your Curls and The Ice Cream Talk: Love the Skin You’re In.

“We underestimate the power of positive reinforcement and representation. My books share positive messages about loving your natural hair, skin, and personality—three things that are rooted in self-esteem.” Lexi has learned to embrace her natural self and is on a mission to help young girls and teens do the same.

“Developing high self-esteem at a young age keeps hurtful comments from phasing you.” Proctor notes establishing self-love requires patience and reminds us that freedom comes with being completely comfortable in your own skin. “Unfortunately, lots of teens have negative experiences, like bullying. Curlanistas encourages you to embrace the unique, beautiful creation that you are, then provides you with moisture-rich products to make those juicy curls pop!” Lexi’s haircare line includes curl defining custard, frizz-free detangler, curl cream, and several other hair accessories. “My products condition, hydrate, and refresh all natural-hair types. Curly girls love Curlanistas haircare because products soften and repair hair from the inside out, leaving a weightless, non-greasy shine.”

3 Steps to Becoming a Beauty Boss

1. Don’t underestimate the power of social media

There is a surge in businesses utilizing social platforms to connect with and market to customers. Curlanistas is active on every major platform and we post and interact with customers on a regular basis.

2. Do your research

No one should care about your company more than you do, so spend significant time figuring out the best possible options for your business moving forward. It’s not the most glamourous part of entrepreneurship, but it is the most necessary. Figure out what you want your product to do, how you’re going to set yourself apart from other people, and how you plan to market your product.

3. Create a series of goals

Write your professional goals down and read them every day. Reviewing your aspirations daily keeps you encouraged during the tough times. To have a successful business, you need to have a “that’s good, but I can do better” mindset. I’ve accomplished so much since I started but I’m nowhere near where I want to be—and that’s exciting.

“I’m not just the CEO of Curlanistas, I’m a leader and role model, and I embrace those positions wholeheartedly. Anyone looking to maintain a successful business should always remember the greatest investment you can make is in yourself and your dreams.”

Visit Lexi Proctor at

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