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Dee Bowden

Founder, BCS Solutions

Dee Bowden created BCS Solutions and is on a mission to see small businesses learn to solve cash flow problems by sharing how to “Collect the Cash. The Sale is not Complete until the Money is in the Bank.” Dee has over 10 years of financial recovery experience in which she collected over $10 million dollars for several companies and government agencies. Dee enjoys listening to smooth Jazz, riding Ferris wheels, and attending wine tastings!

Which people or books have had the most influence on my growth and why?

The books that have had the most influence on my growth are I Declare by Joel Osteen, Think and Grow Rich a Black Choice by Dr. Dennis Kimbro and Napoleon Hill and Secrets to Exceptional Living by Joyce Meyer. Through reading these books and many more, I began a journey of discovering what was possible with faith, hard work, and getting mentored through the books.

What keeps me going when things get tough in business or in life?

I am a person of faith, so my daily time spent with God is how I fuel up for the day. I must have my 30 minutes of devotional time and a good cup of tea. It’s remembering all the time that God has been faithful when I was scared, not sure that creating a business was good idea, watching my self-talk and having that one good friend that I can be transparent with who listens and then injects her brilliance to get me unstuck so I can keep going. It’s like playing sports you must relate to people who will encourage you, help you course correct as needed and speak words of encouragement as fuel to keep going. Having coaches, mentors, cheerleaders, and friends are necessary components to being successful.

To the person reading this who may say that’s great for you you’re successful, I share that I had to start on this journey by deciding that I wanted something different and then deciding to get after it by investing in my education, looking for opportunities to connect with other business owners, be willing to share my story and not know if it would connect or resonate with people. The journey to success comes with taking risks, being vulnerable, admitting when you don’t know something and not being afraid to ask for assistance. No one who is successful got there on their own. Gratitude is one of the things that keeps me going when things get tough. I keep a sign in my office that states Gratitude in all capital letters because I don’t want to forget to express my gratitude in the tough times so that I have better lessons and strength to rely on and celebrate when I get to the other side. Dee has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global and Black Enterprise Magazines.

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