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Derricka Harwell

Co-Owner & Co-Founder, Beautifycredit.Com

I am Derricka Harwell, co-owner and co-founder of (founded with my husband Antario Harwell). I am also an award-winning author with my credit education book Beautiful Credit a, two-time proclamation recipient for my work in the community, was given my own day "Derricka Harwell Day" by the Mayors of Milwaukee WI, and Shelby County TN. I am a virtual professor for the 3e Programs Credit Education Course conducted at Yale University, Howard University and Virginia Commonwealth University, where a scholarship was placed in my name for my work with educating the youth. I am a mother of 6 with a 7th on the way and my outlook on entrepreneurship is this: Solve a problem. A successful business is one that solves a problem and creates a real solution, after that money will come just focus on the people first.

The people who had the most influence over my life and my success, are my husband and children. My husband assisted me in re-discovering who I am. Also, he assisted me with getting "Derricka" together, so I could assist in getting other people together. He has a brilliant business mind that opened me up to a new world. My children are a huge influence in every aspect of my life because they are my why. I never make a move without thinking about each one of them. I want to make them proud and build a legacy that their children's children's children will rant about for years after I'm no longer here.

When times get tough what keeps me going in business, is family; and not just my family but that over 1,500 families we have assisted in conquering their dreams and breaking chains, as well as the thousands of families to come. Knowing that we are fulfilling a major purpose in life through education and financial literacy for people in our own communities is enough motivation to push you through even on the worst of days. Additionally, knowing the expectations that my husband and I have on our family means we have pretty big shoes to fill as well, to create opportunities that have never been created for us and prepare to open or build doors for the next generation and the next generation, that is enough motivation to make sure you never leave " grind mode" no matter what season you're in.

To any struggling business owner, I say in the famous words of Uncle Luke, “don't stop get it, get it,” but seriously, don't stop. That moment where you want to give up means you're right on the brink of your breakthrough. I sat in a 1995 Ford Explorer that was once my home and contemplated ending my life. In my book I failed, but I refused to give up and, in my opinion, I have one of the greatest comeback stories of all times since Jesus! I went from minimums to millions, from homeless to homeowner, from rags to riches and from food stamps to Forbes worthy! People doubted me, laughed at me, gossiped about me and now when they discuss me, they have to add, but she's a multi-millionaire changing the world. I'm no different than you. If I can do it, you can too.

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