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Dr. Bridget Leonard

Executive Nurse | Leadership/Motivational Speaker | Life Coach

What may have broken others Dr. Bridget Leonard uses as building blocks to her next level of success; she embodies the word perseverance. She is committed to helping people identify their strategic goals, tear down potential barriers, and develop strategies to make their dreams a reality. From motivating the masses, team building, and engagement, to employee recognition and professional advancement opportunities, Dr. Bridget is sure to leave a mark on the hearts and minds of attendees through her speaking and nuggets of wisdom.

Dr. Leonard's innate ability to encourage, motivate, and inspire others has transformed the lives of hundreds in the nursing industry and the marketplace at-large. Through her coaching she will engage you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize personal and professional potential by facilitating the creation of personal and professional goals. As a nursing leader with over 25 years of experience she provides leadership and motivational speaking; her transparency, courage, and motivation empowers people to know anything is possible when they are committed to doing the work.<