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Dr. Jennifer Harris

Founder & CEO, Purses, Pumps and Power Network™

Dr. Jennifer Harris is a Certified Wealth Strategist for Women. Known as the woman with the “Midas Touch”, everything she touches turns to legacy.  Dr. Jennifer is the Founder and CEO of Purses, Pumps and Power Network™ her global and worldwide movement for women to step into their destiny of wealth. Her organization teaches women how to attain seven purses of wealth and the pumps represent the life work that women must do in their lives, businesses, and careers.  

What keeps you going when things get tough in your business?

What keeps me going when things get tough in my business is faith and prayer. I have had to lean on my faith a lot over the last 20 plus years as an entrepreneur and business owner.  There were many times I wanted to quit. When I lost my mother to cancer in 2007, I wanted to quit, get a job, and just throw it all in.  But during that difficult time, I knew that I had to pray and ask God for the strength to continue. When the housing market crashed and I watched my clients lose it all, I relied on my faith to not only get them through but also to sustain and grow my business.  Then just four years later my father died suddenly of a heart attack and my world was crushed yet again.  So losing both my parents before the age of forty has been hard as anything I have had to overcome.  Lots of faith and daily prayer continues to this day to bring me through and stay on top. 

What are the most common objections you get about buying your product/service? How do you answer them?

One of the most common objections I get about my service or product is “Can I afford it, and should I just wait?”  My answer is always “Scared Money Don’t Make Money, Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed, and Time Waits for No One.”  There’s always going to be some obstacle that will try and get in the way of your greatness.  Until you invest in yourself you will not see the return on your investment which is you. Bet on yourself and you win every time. Don’t look back three or five years from now wishing you would have started today.  I once read that wealthy people make decisions quickly and slow to change their minds. Poor people make decisions slowly and quickly to change them.  Declare today “I will not live in the fear of my doubts.”  Sometimes you have to just JUMP. Your dreams and aspirations are waiting for you to make them a reality. 

What 3 things does anyone starting in your industry need to know?

  • Having a winning mindset allows you to be unstoppable.  But not just any mindset, a winning mindset.  I remember my dad who was my first coach and he made me play sports at the age of 4 and up.  He instilled in me that having a winning mindset not only places confidence in you but also courage. There will always be tough times, but you will last in my industry with the right winning mindset. 

  • Developing the right skills will always allow you to not only stay in business but start multiple businesses.  It’s the skills that pays the bills.  Learning those negotiating skills, people skills, marketing skills and social media skills.  That way even if you move across the country or have to start all over again you are well equipped to do so.  No one can ever take your skills away from you plus you will make a lot of money in my industry with the right skills. 

  • Investing in the right coach or mentor will not only set you up for success but help you avoid the pitfalls to make. Look at the greats like Lebron James, Serena Williams, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods just to name a few.  They all have great coaches and mentors.  Be willing to invest in coaches that are right for you, invest in courses, invest in the right team and invest in your clients.  Mentors are golden. You cannot go it alone in this industry and you need someone to pour into you so that you can pull out all that internal greatness.  

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