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Erica Lane

Money Elevation Strategist | Bestselling Author | International Speaker

Erica Lane is known to the world as the Money Elevation Strategist and has developed an exceptional money management approach, which enabled her to triple her income in only three years. Her accolades include the title of Award-Winning Money Coach, Best Selling Author, and International Speaker. Her definition of success has always been to work directly with others and inspire change in money habits and therefore outcomes. As a natural motivational speaker, she empowers women to achieve their goals, dreams, and financial success, on their terms.

What keeps you going when things get tough in your business?

When things get tough in my business I think about those moments when I have impacted a woman’s life by helping her tell her best financial story. I remember her excitement when she calls me because she sees progress, her joy, or her feeling of overcoming motivates me. In other words, I dig into why I started in the first place. I never take for granted that the work I do changes lives and family legacies. And because that is the case, I think about all the women I’ve served over the years and would they have received their transformation if I quit my business because it got tough. And that’s the very moment I know I have to push through. Not just for the women I have served but for those I will serve globally and those who benefit because their mother, aunt, sister, friend, cousin, etc. was my client and shared what they learned! 

What would you say to a business owner that is currently struggling?

I would tell someone struggling in business, we’ve ALL been there! With almost 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, there is not one entrepreneur I know, am friends with or have mentored me, that hasn’t been at this point. And that includes me, a few times. You are not alone. But here are 3 strategies that has helped us all: 1) Get help to evaluate your business, without emotions, to find the root cause of your struggle. 2) Devise a plan and execute (heavy on the execute!) 3) Appreciate every win in the process. I teach my entrepreneur coaching clients to remember, even a small win is still a win! 

What 3 things does anyone starting in your industry need to know?

Be authentic. Your (prospective) clients will smell a fake 10,000 miles away. There is only one you. No one else can do your thing quite like you. And that’s what your clients pay for, you!

Coach in excellence. If you promised it, deliver it. And if after you have tried to move mountains, but you still cannot deliver it, communicate with your clients. There is nothing worse than a ghost coach. A ghost coach will eventually become a broke coach.

The best coaches have coaches. In coaching, consistent one to one professional development is critical to your business. In your first 5 years, you should have at least one coach. As your business grows, so will your coaching needs. You have to invest in coaching at the level (and above) what you are asking your clients to do. To be a great coach, you must be on the receiving end of great coaching!

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