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Jennifer Gilchrest

Founder, Platinum RE-CO

Jennifer Gilchrest is the founder of Platinum RE-CO, a Real Estate Brokerage franchise, of Platinum PROP-MGMT property management company and GPP a real estate development company with the corporate office of the brokerage based in Newcastle, Oklahoma. She is also a credit card and payroll processor for businesses, Mother, and her newest role is a loving GIGI to her favorite fans.

Which people or books have had the most influence on your growth and why?

Who Moved My Cheese? is a book that focuses on goals, life changes and overcoming obstacles which I think has been very inherent, especially this past year. You always have to overcome obstacles (for example, the pandemic) to reach your goals and continue to achieve growth. As I was in my early 30’s managing a sales team and sales managers from 2 states of all men in an industrial setting, and they were not excited about a young female being who they were reporting to. I knew I needed to provide value and show how I was truly invested in them, bringing great knowledge and value to their location and to them as leaders and individuals. I sent the book asking each to initial and date once they read it, flew them into the Oklahoma City location for a thorough training on how to increase their sales by being educated on the accessories, therefore increasing their paycheck. My first time to meet with them, and it was groundbreaking. This 1952 company tripled their “forklift accessory” record sales within 9 months.

What would you say to a business owner that is currently struggling?

Continue to look forward so you fail forward! I feel that I have an intuition about business, where it will be in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and so looking far into the future and building the most solid and thorough foundation for long term growth and goals is critical. Ensure that where you do invest time and money (one in the same) is a large ROI (Return on Investment), and not a “pay and pray” scenario. Don’t spend what you don’t have. Build a plan and work with intention to achieve it without deviating. To be successful is about constantly watching and planning, adjusting your sails to continue to overcome obstacles and master the 20% of what you like to do most that sets you apart from industry competitors.

What are the most common objections you get about buying your product/service? How do you answer them?

The biggest objection we face is the misconception that not using a licensed realtor would save them money. Sellers then may allow unqualified “buyers'' into their homes, offer statements that could land them in court by disclosing unnecessary information, and not disclosing proper or required information. Everyone is held to the Fair Housing Act, not just realtors. There are so many ways to stumble or harm one another through the process, that it should be handled by a trained professional with local knowledge of the area. We heavily believe in education and although most consumers have a “general understanding” of how the process works, it is often quite risky to assume they understand the legalities, proper paperwork, timing, negotiations and each risk and reward that each decision encompasses. Statistically, a Licensed Realtor sells the property by being a professional knowing actual local value, marketing, and negotiation strategy to not only maximize the overall profit margin but also recompense their own commission. Purchasing one of life's largest investments without a Licensed Realtor is like assuming you know just enough to perform your own appendectomy.

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