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Minister LaTicia Nicole Beatty

Founder, Purposed Professionals Inc.

Minister LaTicia Nicole Beatty is a certified life coach, motivational speaker, bestselling author, independent business owner, and founder of a non-profit organization, Purposed Professionals Inc. But, most importantly she is a child of the Almighty God and is on a mission to encourage and transform people out of dead situations with her #Speaklife Enterprises. Minister LaTicia’s outlook on entrepreneurship is to help women to build businesses on solid foundations while healing from past trauma.

Which people or books have had the most influence on your growth and why?

Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why: How Leadership Inspires Everyone to Take Action, has been inspiring. This book encourages me to act and has helped me develop leadership skill to lead my clients and business partner to create wealth.

Talk about the biggest failure you’ve had. What did you learn from it?

The biggest failure that I had is when I returned to corporate America to help a nursing home get back on track. I am a nursing home administrator and registered nurse by trade and retired from Corporate America 2018 to become a full-time entrepreneur. March 23, 2020, I returned to work and seven days later I was diagnosed with COVID-19. I was out sick for 2 ½ months due to complication with asthma. The management of that company plotted to fire me while I was home sick because I was not healing fast enough to return to work, and I felt like the biggest failure. After healing I soon realized that I was not happy with the politics and racism within corporate America. Furthermore, I started another income stream with my own vitamin and tea company and did not return to work.

What keeps you going when things get tough in your business?

There is an old saying, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I see every problem as an opportunity to create a solution. A positive mindset is the key to happiness in business. My thought process is that I never lose, I learn.

What are your 3 favorite tools for doing something you care about?

The three platforms that I use the most are Facebook, IG, and now Clubhouse.

What are the most common objections you get about buying your product/service? How do you answer them?

The most common objection I get about my network marketing company is when people ask me is it a pyramid scheme and I educate them on network marketing being a smart way to earn residual income.

What has been your biggest customer success story? Why do you think it was a success?

My biggest customer success story is when a stranger reads about my testimony on how I started my tea and vitamin company when I had COVID-19 last year and how the tea helped me heal. The customer contacted me through Facebook and told me she had 10 family members affected by COVID-19 and waited to buy tea for them all. All ten of then took the Speaklife Immunity Tea for 14 days and all of them survived COVID-19. It was truly a blessing.

What 3 things does anyone starting in your industry need to know?

  • Believe in yourself.

  • Never quit.

  • Define your way every day.

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