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Sherie Thomas

Serial Entrepreneur | Founder & CEO Of Medical Money Makers

Sherie Thomas turned what she felt was rejection into an epic adventure. At age 22, Sherie stepped out on faith and became an entrepreneur and never looked back. Completing a degree in Business Systems Analysis, Sherie’s adventurous spirit has taken her all over the world facilitating others with her art of entrepreneurship and business strategies, opening, and managing facilities from Louisiana to Puerto Rico.

She has become a guru in strategic management, prison reform, policy, and curriculum development; but more importantly, she is a highly sought-after reimbursement expert. As the founder and CEO of Medical Money Makers, Louisiana Healthcare Institute, Workforce & Development and The EpiCenter, and Director of Outreach & Engagement for the Justice & Accountability Center of Louisiana, Sherie utilizes her skills learned as a serial entrepreneur to teach others the code to the highest level. Sherie Thomas is a dream cultivator, influencer, public speaker, and business strategist with a gift to transform dreams and visions into reality.

My parents have influenced my growth. My dad taught me dedication and resilience. My mother taught me endurance and loyalty.

What felt like my biggest failure turned into an accomplishment. I learned that God has the last say and nothing is above His will.

A typical day begins at 5 a.m. with Scriptures and coffee. When things get tough in my business I pray and remember my purpose. I would tell a business owner who is struggling to let God lead you and be ready to pivot whenever necessary. When things get tough, I remember the vision that God has given, and I stand on the principles of endurance. The most common objection I received regarding my services is the willingness to commit to a 6-8-month term.

My proudest success stories have come through mentorship. One mentee has turned what was an idea into a 6-figure income, traveling the world and cooking for celebrities, at highly publicized events and on television shows. I also facilitated the growth of another mentee in turning her community service into a highly sought-after marketing company. While my client's success is just as exciting and financially buzzworthy, my personal gratification is stemmed for helping to encourage others to push themselves to reach their full potential, even when it seems impossible.

Three things someone needs to know when starting in my industry is to keep God first, pay attention in training, and be prepared to pivot when necessary. My favorite tools are the Bible, music, and food.

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