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Stacie N.C. Grant

Founder, Destiny Designers University®

Dr. Stacie NC Grant is an award-winning international speaker, a best-selling author, influencer, master facilitator, producer, and the founder of Destiny Designers University®, the only training and development platform for Faithpreneurs (faith-based entrepreneurs & professionals). Dr. Grant is the Chief Brilliance Officer of C&G Enterprises Unlimited, LLC an MWBE firm that focuses on meeting facilitation and professional development training services (


Training is delivered through live and self-directed courses and supported through books, products, and other merchandise. Faithpreneurs® gather annually in August for the Annual Faithpreneur Weekend 3 Day Transformational Experience (

What keeps you going when things get tough in your business?

When things get tough in my business, I open up, and read my signature book Action Action Despite the Distraction…7 Life Lessons on How to Thrive and Live Your Destiny Now. I have taken the same dose of medicine I give my Faithpreneurs®. Faithpreneurs® are faith-based entrepreneurs and faith-based professionals who grow their wealth generating practices around an affinity to God and faith who learn how to leverage their Relationships, Resources and Revenue to create sustainable legacies by being cash flow positive and unapologetically profitable! 


Only you know what has been placed on your heart, what is bubbling up in your spirit, what you know you have been put on the planet to do. Taking action on those dreams requires an unwavering faith in knowing that if God gave it to you, He will also make the provision for you to manifest it. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said it best “Faith is taking the first step even if you don’t see the entire staircase.” My journey has been and continues to be a process.  I had to make a decision to walk by faith and not by sight. Just because I couldn’t see how the bills would be paid, how the contracts would be signed or how the healing & restoration would happen, I had to take daily action to exercise my faith that God’s word will never return unto Him void. No matter what situations look like, it is the building up of our faith that helps us not to doubt, even for a second that we can get through every trial, challenge, or obstacle. 


On your journey, life will show up in interesting ways that will test your resolve to walking in your Divine Assignment. I had to find a way to encourage myself when there were no contracts, no money, limited to no support and a myriad of other obstacles. It was in answering a question about how I was doing, that the following words leaped out of my soul through my lips: ACTION ACTION… DESPITE THE DISTRACTION! I invite you to share my battle cry. When you start to second-guess your reasons to complete your divine assignment ACTION ACTION… DESPITE THE DISTRACTION! When everybody else seems to have given up and doesn’t believe in your dream let your battle cry be: ACTION ACTION… DESPITE THE DISTRACTION! When your goals and your dreams seem impossible to reach and all you have is that little voice and resolve inside of you telling you not to quit before you get your blessing, let your battle cry continue to be ACTION ACTION… DESPITE THE DISTRACTION!


You can download the first chapter of, Action Action Despite the Distraction…7 Life Lessons on How to Thrive and Live Your Destiny Now for free at

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