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Tonya Scott

Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker

Tonya Joyner-Scott is a passion driven entrepreneur and speaker with a desire to see people live an upgraded life beyond their wildest dreams.

Tonya and her husband Dexter Scott are affectionally known as The Upgraders. Together, they challenge people through the world's 1st challenged based masterminding and coaching system. This program is helping people get out of their way and on with life. No more excuses, instead, action! They are also building wealth with a team of likeminded individuals, offering health and wellness products that are helping people lose weight, cleanse their colon and vital organs, and build the body's ability to fight.

A major part of my growth has to do with the mind renewal. It's something my husband Dexter and I teach, and it's something we both had to learn ourselves and put into action. We can't get enough of it because it had everything to do with how our lives shifting. There isn't a day that passes where we aren't reading or listening from some of the industry's great masterminds! Dr. Caroline Leaf, neuroscientist, has had much influence on my growth and development. Her books and lectures helped me understand better who I am as a person, one who God created. One of my favorite books is The Perfect You. This book and God's Word have turned my life around, resulting in me getting out of my and God's way and on with my purpose led destiny. It feels good to be able to help other women do the same.

The biggest failure I had happened after my husband and I left our government jobs to build a business in the direct sales industry. In less than a year, just as fast as the business went up, it came down. We lost our home, car, and what used to be a good credit score was now gone and instead showing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I was devastated! I was already afraid to step out in the first place, and now this... I spent the next several years as a stay-at-home mom, while my husband found a job that supported our family. I started engaging the emotional hurts from my past that caused me to question my self-worth. This process was my way of trying to make sense of the rise and fall. I was convincing myself that business wasn't for me... that I didn't have what it took to be a businesswoman. Oh, how wrong I was!

This process was life changing for me. What I learned from this period in my life was God gives tests, but it’s up to me to take those tests, and not run from them or hide from them. The desires in our hearts don't go away, but in order for me to have them I had to learn that it was okay to fail and most importantly, that who I am is not defined by what I do, did or even failed to do. It is from this lesson that I rose and launched out again. This time I was more mindful of God's presence in my life as my guide. Tests still come, but now, regardless of the struggles, pain, mistakes, fears, and the list goes on, I no longer run, but instead I learn, grow and I keep going.

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