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Who Is This Influential Woman? Dr. Tarama Giles: Shaping the Future of Military Women and Entrepreneurs

Dr. Tarama Giles: Shaping the Future of Military Women and Entrepreneurs

In the 2024 edition of our Most Influential Women, VIP Global Magazine shines a spotlight on Dr. Tarama Giles, a figure whose dedication to service, leadership, and empowerment encapsulates the essence of female strength and determination. As the proud co-founder of Lambda Beta Alpha Military Sorority, Inc., a best-selling author, and the visionary CEO behind Rayne Books LLC, Dr. Giles's multifaceted career is a testament to her unwavering commitment to supporting and uplifting women across various sectors of society.

A Beacon for Military Women and Aspiring Authors

Lambda Beta Alpha Military Sorority, Inc., stands as a remarkable testament to Dr. Giles's dedication to serving those who have donned the uniform in defense of our nation. This 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is a bastion of support for active duty, retired, and honorably discharged U.S. military servicewomen, underscoring Dr. Giles's commitment to her fellow sisters-in-arms. Her journey doesn't stop here; as a best-selling author and the force behind Rayne Books LLC, Dr. Giles has turned her passion for storytelling into a platform that empowers others to share their own remarkable journeys with the world.

Phoenix Legacy & Leadership Consultants LLC: Cementing Legacies and Fostering Leaders

With the launch of Phoenix Legacy & Leadership Consultants LLC, affectionately known as PLLC Squared, Dr. Giles is poised to extend her influence even further. PLLC Squared is not just a consultancy; it's a mission-driven venture aimed at helping individuals—from budding entrepreneurs to corporate executives—craft and solidify their legacies while honing their leadership skills. Through this venture, Dr. Giles emphasizes the importance of never missing the moment to grow personally and professionally, irrespective of one's age or stage in life.

A Personal Journey of Growth and Giving Back

At 43, Dr. Giles answered the call to establish an organization that would serve as a pillar of support for military women. By 49, she had not only published her first book but also received an honorary doctorate in business entrepreneurship, marking significant milestones in a journey filled with passion and perseverance. Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Giles is deeply committed to philanthropy, contributing to her community through service, financial support, and educational initiatives.

Empowering Women to Recognize Their Light

Reflecting on the increasing presence of women in the business landscape, as highlighted by recent statistics showing that 42% of all U.S. businesses are owned by women, Dr. Giles is a vocal advocate for female leadership and entrepreneurship. She encourages women to see themselves as catalysts for change, urging them to recognize their potential and take the first steps toward realizing their visions, whether in business, leadership, or community impact.

Celebrating Dr. Tarama Giles

Dr. Tarama Giles's story is a beacon of inspiration, not only for women in the military or the publishing industry but for all women striving to make a difference. Her journey from military service to entrepreneurship, underscored by a relentless pursuit of personal growth and community service, embodies the spirit of the Most Influential Women of 2024. As VIP Global Magazine celebrates these remarkable women, Dr. Giles stands out as a powerful example of what it means to lead, inspire, and empower, shaping a brighter future for women everywhere.

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