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The Top Underestimated and Overlooked Keys to Relationships

It’s interesting in life what will turn out, what and who will fight for us or who we will fight for or miss out on in our journey.

Relationships are to help us feel more complete with ourselves! Complete in joy, love, passion, and purpose. Yet it’s often incorporated in society completely opposite!

Be yourself and love who you are!

When we show up in a relationship whole, we can be there completely, when a person shows up loving themself, they don’t need to be anyone else or pretend to be who, like or show up who they are not.

Relationships aren't about driving yourself to fit into society as much as childhood classrooms sporting events program us; it's quite the opposite. Relationships and I don’t mean just sexual commitments I mean, family, career, hobby, seasonal relationships don’t need to be difficult, pretend or anyone imposing to be who they are not!

If you have the courage and confidence to show up as you are and admit as you are not life wouldn’t be complicated! Relationships, work projects, family gatherings and interactions of any sort wouldn’t be hard if you would live as you accept what you don’t know and allow others to do the same!

We all have downfalls that don't mean we are bad or wrong that means we are human, unique, authentic and accepting of what we were created to be!

Many times, in life we see the greatness in others they don't see in themselves or people see greatness we don't see in ourselves!! It can also be the flip side as well; we see the downfalls of the journey or others see in our own personal situation before we do!!! If someone is not ready to receive love, it isn't always about the person delivering the message!! Situations and circumstances are always personal If a person "isn't ready to receive" it won't matter where it is coming from, who it is coming from or how pretty it is packaged!! It's when, timing is truly everything ~ One cannot take it personally, love them anyway and sometimes that’s from afar! There is no success in forcing a relationship if it’s meant to be it will develop naturally.

If the career isn’t aligned the spiritual source is setting roadblocks for a reason! Are you truly paying attention?

If an intimate relationship isn’t without struggle and being forced to “work”! Are you truly paying attention?

At times there is so much focus on the desire forgetting the natural alignment of “what’s meant to be will be” pushing away, resenting or staying stuck in ego therefore limiting and losing the balance of who we truly are.

If you are that person, honor and communicate to the ones who offered their awareness your appreciation for them, being true to you! They may have loved you when you weren't lovable!! They cared for you enough to have the courage to share and see the sunshine when you only could see the storm!

It’s been said people come into our lives for a “season, reason or a lifetime” not every relationship is destined to stay forever, accept that! Embrace the present, the gift it is to your life! When we love ourselves completely, we know it’s not to be offended by. No relationship will be complete when only 50% is given. 50% of a cup is also half empty. Each party must give 100% of themselves to truly embrace life to its fullest! Life is a journey, we each create the manuscript, we do wrong, we have lessons that we are continually learning. Forgive, by starting with the relationship within yourself!

How to authentically show up for success in your life!

1. Be you, Love who You are!

2. Release your emotional unresolved baggage and past circumstances! “Clear your conscious & subconscious”

3. Speak your truth to others and yourself!

Would you be ok if someone showed up in your life with half the effort and intentions?

Would you be ok going into surgery If the surgeon only completed 50 percent of the procedure?

Would you be ok if only 50 percent of the fuel was in the vehicle for the road trip?

Would you be ok if your hairdresser stopped halfway through your appointment?

Would you be ok living with one manicured hand, one pant leg and on breast in a bra?

Would you eat food in the refrigerator if it’s only plugged-in half of the time? No because it becomes rotten and toxic!

Why Would any part of life be in full blossom if a person only shows up with half the effort or intention, it is just as toxic and rotten as the food in the refrigerator!

Show up for you in your life 100 percent and then be open to see what begins to flourish in your life!

Wouldn’t you rather set yourself out to have success?

As we go through our educational years there are limited opportunities to really understand the depths of ourselves! How our feelings operate, what our passions consist of, attractions, compatibility and what sets our soul and passions on fire from within! Let’s face it we get thrown into the adult world unbeknown to know if we even love or know ourselves so how would anyone be able to provide love, when we don’t even know what we truly love within ourselves yet!

I, in my 20s, loved a make n model of a car and oh don’t forget the color “burnt orange” this is after I already experienced a silver Saturn and black Ford Mustang GT. This before the age 25 and I had no idea about the interior, how it ran, what would need to be fixed as I was in no way interested in mechanical life.

Now let’s ponder our own lives, how many times in relationships do we focus on the exterior needs first for satisfaction, having zero understanding of the interior feelings, compatibilities, interests let alone previous experiences. We humans are indeed mechanical beings with many moving parts physically, emotionally, mentally! If we go back to an automobile analogy would we do the research on the automobile check the mileage, if it has any leaks or even starts let alone if it’s been in any accidents or purchase from the looks of exterior! Now, I’m not saying it’s bad or wrong if you do, I’m stopping by to make you aware of life! We must love and know our own interior and exterior completely! Mentally, physically, and emotionally within the mind, body and soul.

To completely show up in all areas and relationships 100% in our own life. The best way I learn to understand myself and influence others, is I dated myself and continually work on myself releasing emotional baggage to stay balanced and with complete inner peace understanding myself to show up the best version for all relationships in my life!

Curious to realign yourself, the relationships in your life starting with you?

Want to connect with me and hear more about my personal overcomings.

I offer a complimentary first call and would love to connect for you to start he journey to inner peace in all relationships in your life!

About Amanda

Amanda Danielle is an expert in the healing industry with over 15 years of experience and 21 accumulated certifications. She thrives on empowering others to respectfully speak their truth and comfortably release emotional baggage within the mind, body, and soul.

With a competitive background, she has a passionate heart to bring awareness to others, helping them to dig deep to discover their inner peace, and to never ever give up. She mentors women to reconnect their courage and confidence, achieve goals, and permanently improve results in all areas of life. Visit Amanda at

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